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In every way in which the system of canvassing can be regarded, it is evil: there is nothing to recommend it; and if it prevails in any country where public sentiment does not promise to put it down, it perhaps might be put down with advantage by a legal prohibition. The experiment of prohibiting candidates and their friends from canvassing has been tried by some public charitable institutions in the election of their officers, and has proved decidedly beneficial in the few instances which have occurred since the adoption of the rule.

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Promoting good race relations, endeavoring to eliminate discrimination on racial grounds, and encouraging equality of opportunity between persons of different racial groups are considered to be of public benefit since the Race Relations Act 1976. In the 1984 Annual Report, the commissioners said they now consider such purposes as charitable, whereas they were formerly deemed political under Re Starkosch.

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The Charities Act 2006 identifies a wide range of purposes as charitable. This encourages the establishment of charities, which benefits the public at large. However, it must be remembered that charitable trusts enjoy fiscal advantages. If every small institution starts registering as a charity, then the economy is likely to suffer. Therefore, I suggest that there must be strict brackets so the trusts registering as charitable have real charitable purposes and are beneficial to the public.

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Trusts for political purposes are not charitable even though they are for public benefit independent of any political party, under Re Bushnell. In Re Hopkinson it was held that the trust was not charitable because it was not only for adult education but the purpose behind it was political based on the memorandum of Labour Party. Vaisey J stated, “Political propaganda masquerading—I do not use the word in any sinister sense—as education is not education within the Statute of Elizabeth.” The classic illustration on this point is National Anti-Vivisection Society v IRC. The House of Lords held that the society concerned did not fall within the fourth criterion because it was not beneficial to the community. One of its objects was held to be political, as it was advocating the change in the laws. On this basis the House overruled Re Foveaux. Lord Simonds stated, “We are satisfied that the main object of the society is the total abolition of vivisection. . . . It can only be by Act of Parliament that that element can be supplied.”

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Delaney, Charitable Status and Cy­Pres Jurisdiction:
 The traditional classification fails to make clear that the courts require evidence of
public benefit in order to recognise a charitable trust.

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(1) A trust for research will ordinarily qualify as a charitable trust if, but only if (a) the subject matter of the proposed research is a useful study; and (b) it is contemplated that knowledge acquired as a result of the research will be disseminated to others; and (c) the trust is for the benefit of the public. (2) In the absence of a contrary context, however, the court will be readily inclined to construe a trust for research as importing subsequent dissemination of the results thereof. (3) Furthermore, if a trust for research is to constitute a valid trust for the advancement of education, it is not necessary either (a) that a teacher/pupil relationship should be in contemplation, or (b) that the persons to benefit from the knowledge to be acquired should be persons who are already in the course of receiving education in the conventional sense.