PSYCH 121S. Psychology of Sleep and Consciousness. 4 Units.

Quantum theory is used to punctuate religious and political sound bites, such as this one from psychologist Jeffrey Satinover: “Materialism strips people of responsibility, quantum physics puts it squarely in your lap.” Along with talking heads and computer graphics is a loose drama of a woman in the midst of depression played by actress Marlee Matlin.

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Studies in selected areas of general psychology. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

Free social psychology papers, essays, and research papers.

MATLAB is a mathematical software package for solving quantitative problems often encountered in experimental psychology. Topics include rudiments of programming, statistical analysis of data, matrix algebra, signal processing, graphic visualization, and simulated models of cognitive and perceptual processes.

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Lab to learn to use MATLAB to produce graphical displays of data based on psychological principles for effective design. Approach is problem-oriented, with emphasis on case-studies using data from psychological experiments and real-world corpora. Assessment via independent individual projects.

Studies in selected areas of social psychology. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

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The focus is on the psychology of criminal offending, particularly violent behavior. Examines violence, sexual offending, and mental disorder related to crime with regard to clinical assessment and treatment; mental health services within forensic institutions.

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Examination of how psychological theory and research may be used to better understand political thought and behavior. Drawing on theories of learning, cognition, and personality, discusses such topics as the formation of political attitudes, and the process of political decision-making.

Studies in selected areas of social psychology. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

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In this essay, I am going to go into depth how the social psychology of persuasion is utilized and what factors influence a individual into be persuaded.

Studies in selected areas of Cultural and Psychological Anthropology. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

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A survey of models of collective action drawn from sociology, economics, psychology, and political science. Focus on areas such as social movements, strikes, crowd psychology, cults, fads, fashions, public opinion, and symbolic and mythical elements in collective culture.

Studies in selected areas of psychology at the lower-division level. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

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Mathematical models of various cognitive processes developed since 1960, including learning, memory, perception, psycholinguistics, and problem solving. Models are formulated in different mathematical languages: calculus, algebra, logic, probability, and computer. Difficulties in testing and validating models discussed.