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According to "The Role of Psychology and Geography in the Green River Murders" by Sean M. Cramer, Ridgway fits the power/control category of serial killer, characterized by experiencing sexual gratification from overpowering his victims. However, Jacqueline B. Helfgott states that the Green River Killer fits the mission serial killer mould, characterized by the desire to seek revenge against a particular type of person (i.e. prostitutes that reminded him of his mother). In the case of Ridgway, the hedonist typology of serial killer must also be considered since sex was a consistent part of his MO.

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A traumatic upbringing may be a factor in someone becoming a serial killer, although many people who grow up in an abusive environment do not become murderers. According to Dr. Mike Aamodt (Radford University), it was found in 2005 that 36% percent of serial killers had been physically abused (compared to 6% reported by the overall study subjects), 26% had been sexually abused (compared to 3%) and 50% had been psychologically abused (compared to 2%). Henry Lee Lucas, who was convicted of 11 murders but at one time confessed to 600 murders (believed to be a hoax), had a very traumatic upbringing. When he was only three years old, his mother made him watch her have sex with several different partners. At age ten, his mother's boyfriend demonstrated to him how to kill and have sex with animals.

A few observed serial killer psychological disorders are:The list of disorders these people suffer from is endless.
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The character of Gosnell himself is examined in detail; the authors describe the unsettling experience of visiting him in prison and being forced to listen to him rambling for hours about his accomplishments, his innocence, and his superiority in all things. The analysis of his psychology offers an alarming insight into the mind of a serial killer: the narcissism, the martyr mentality, the obsession with control (particularly controlling women’s bodies through the abortion procedure), the tendency to manipulate people’s weaknesses for his own gain. Most readers will be aware that criminals do not walk around the streets sporting horns and a trident, but it is always unnerving to consider that the most wicked murderers in history, Gosnell among them; have often been charming, cultured, intelligent, and mild-mannered—the sort of man you might instinctively trust.

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When it comes to childhood, serial killers are more likely to have experienced child abuse than society in general. In a study of 50 serial killers, researchers found about 70 percent experience some maltreatment and 50 percent go through psychological abuse growing up. Fallon’s research has led him to believe childhood experience could make all the difference when it comes to the making of a serial killer.

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Do we have to start with cleaning and mending our own morals to curb the making of a serial killer in the future?

Detecting a serial killer and understanding a serial killer's psychology in a crowd of millions is impossible, but it is in our hands to build a society where people respect each other, irrespective of their color, a society where parents provide their children with a childhood full of love and care and where every person is aware that life is precious.