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if in questions are given that “do you agree or disagree ?” in this topic what should write ? will i write on both sides i mean positively afterthat negetively then conclusion…. is it write process? plz help liza mam

“It was an interesting day.”—President Bush, recalling 9/11 []

Hoaxes commonly show the following common characteristics:

This is enticement for you to spread the hoax.

Hi Liz
some times I confuse in detect the topic in opinion essay, for example in this question:
(Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small, local business are unable to compete. Some people think that the closure of local business will bring about the death of local communities.). I have confused if the topic is (inability of local business to compete) and other information is supporting or it is (closure of local business will bring about the death of local communities) , so how can I identify the main topic in such question ?
Thanks a bundle

There are many different versions, most of which share key phrases.

I am assuming the reason you use past perfect tense throughout the whole essay is because the topic is in past perfect tense. But even for the topic, I don’t understand why this tense is being used instead of just present tense to describe the phenomenon in general, instead of implying the impact of SNS has ended? It is still happening, right?

Sometimes the message contains long, detailed instructions for removing the alleged virus.

When Did Bush First Learn of the Attacks?

Although it can attack any O/S, this virus is most likely to attack those users viewing Java enhanced Web Pages (Netscape 2.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+ which are running on Windows 95) .

The following text is from the Anti-Virus website:

Some very sick individual has succeeded in using the reformat function from Norton Utilities causing it to completely erase all documents on the hard drive.

There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet.

Please pass this warning to everyone in your address book and share it with all your online friends asap so that the destruction it can cause may be minimized.

Putting long, detailed instructions into an e-mail is a symptom of a hoax.

Once a Computer is infected, one of several things can happen.

But when I Try to write an essay. I find it difficult to write/frame related sentences.
I am really not sure what my problem is. After I write an essay, I feel it’s not up to my standard. At times my essays looks silly.
Whenever I read an essay form Internet I feel I can write better. But reality is different.

Alternatively, the hoax might mention the name of a major anti-virus software vendor.

It could save them a lot of time and money.

The most widespread reason for the negative effect is that it is adversely affecting the career of individual, specifically, children, working professionals, students because these group of individuals has more affinity to take latest updates on websites or making new friends but in a fashion of doing so, they forget the fundamental duties which are to do studies or concentrate on project work as applicable. consequently, their career is at stake or we can say in the of such websites. Besides this, the rise in the online fraud is also rising exponentially and one of the major reason is the habit of making anonymous friends online through such social world. Hence, they fall into trap or commits such henious crime which makes an inevitable damage on their image.

If you discover that an e-mail is a hoax,  to the person who sent the hoax.

Bush Leaves for Booker Elementary

Please be careful and send this to as many people as possible, so maybe this new virus can be eliminated.
There is also a Trojan Horse program with the same name that has been known since March 1997.