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I took it as a opinion essay and wrote 287 words consisting of introduction, first positive its safer. second positive point it creates sense of community and gives people opportunity to socialize as they get a chance to meet often at places like gym, swimming pool or parks which most compounds/apartment blocks provide.
Last paragraph was conclusion where i reiterated my opinion.

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Pro choice essay persuasive essay

Pro choice essay persuasive essay ..

hi Liz
in discuss both views and give your opinion essays ?
is this appropriate procedure ?
paragraph 1( opinion 1)
paragraph 2(opinion 2)
paragraph 3( my opinion)

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You give as few or as many examples as you want. It is entirely your choice and doesn’t affect your score. Vocabulary should be appropriate. You should aim for accuracy rather than just trying to impress. Yes, you can use “I am convinced” but it won’t change your score unless all your essay contains the same level words.
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Pro choice essay conclusion paragraph
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