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The report, Respect and Responsibility – taking a stand against antisocial behavior recommended the government provide local authorities and the police with a wider, more flexible range of powers to tackle nuisance crime and low-level criminality.

dispersal orders
Disperse groups of two or more people from areas where there is persistent anti-social behavior.

Pro and anti social behaviour essay

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"Merely being exposed to violent scenes in video games is not enough to provoke anti-social reactions, our research has shown," explained Dr André Melzer, Senior Lecturer in psychology at the University of Luxembourg. "If players take the role of pro-social characters in violent or gory games then this will tend to influence them to behave in a pro-social fashion," he added. "Conversely, having people identify with violent and murderous characters can have a negative effect on behaviour." Thus the standard therapeutic approach to counteracting angry and violent behaviour by seeking to induce empathy must take this into account.

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Within pro and anti-social behaviour, there is the idea of bystander behaviour.

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and representations are capable of exerting an influence on pro and anti-social behaviour…

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