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: There is, forexample, F. M. Scherer’s Quarter Notes and Bank Notes: The Economicsof Music Composition in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Princeton:Princeton University Press, 2004) and Lorenzo Bianconi and Giorgio Pestelli’santhology Opera Production and Its Resources, vol. 4 of The History of ItalianOpera (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998). One of the livelieststudies in this vein is Ken Emerson’s Always Magic in the Air: TheBomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era (Viking, 2005), which showshow a pop-music company could develop its own forms, genres, and division oflabor.

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Implicit in our attempt to explore the technological history of hand tools in Maine is a triad: forest products - woodworking tool kits - and the wooden ships they produced. This triad underlies the organizational plan of the museum exhibition An Archaeology of Tools. The schema of this exhibition references the ebb and flow of a series of historical events, the details of which can be pursued and explored in the wealth of written literature on the manufacturing of hand tools and the history of technology. The historical background and related literature and research, which constitutes the essential background information for understanding and interpreting the exhibition An Archaeology of Tools, is contained in volumes 6 - 8 of the museum publication series, Hand Tools in History. The specifics of tool manufacturing in Maine are explored in volume 10 of this museum publication series, the Registry of Maine Toolmakers. Together these volumes explore the historical background, steelmaking strategies, and tool manufacturing history of New England's maritime era.

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The collection of tools in the Davistown Museum is the result of the recovery of hand tools manufactured either in England, continental locations, or in the early forges, foundries, and factories of America during the settlement of New England by Europeans in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. These tools are organized in chronological groupings and displayed in The Davistown Museum exhibition An Archaeology of Tools. The organization of the museum's tool exhibition expresses the history of the state of Maine and its peculiar anomalies (e.g. the depopulation of most areas of Maine east of Wells after 1676; coastal resettlement was gradual if sporadic until the fall of Quebec in 1759.) The historical schema used for the collation of these tools in the Museum collection expresses the rhythms of Maine's history -- the ancient dominions of the old maritime cultures of Maine and the gradual impact of the Industrial Revolution on this culture. The study of early tools as material cultural artifacts helps us trace the gradual, at times tortuous, settlement of the Maine coast and its tidewater communities and the later penetration of European settlers into ever more inland locations. The tools used by European settlers in Maine prior to the Industrial Revolution illustrate their near total dependence on a resource-based economy based first and foremost on forest products, with shipbuilding as its most essential industry. The creative use of these forest products by the adept use of steel edged tools allowed the efficient exploitation of Maine's other major natural resource, its marine fisheries, as well as the manufacture of the wide variety of milled lumber and coopers' products that, along with fish, were the most important cargos on Maine's coasting and oceangoing ships.

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The recognition of the relation of a collectivemode and an individual product—and these are the only categories we can initially presume—isa recognition of related practices. That is to say, the irreducibly individualprojects that particular works are, may come in experience and analysis to showresemblances which allow us to group them into collective modes. These are byno means always genres. They may exist as resemblances within and across genres.

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The value of worker innovations is material, and CHC tried to show howthe contradictory nature of capitalism rewarded both adherence to and variationfrom the norms (both standardization and differentiation). Thatobservation works not only for the system but also for the individual operatingwithin Hollywood. Both economic and stylistic analysis points toa bounded set of options that have flexibility to change. Such anobservation is not one solely available to scholars. People working withinthe industry may witness it operating. I stressed in my evaluationof the Hollywood mode of production that an ideological attitude about authorshiphad permeated the industry by the 1930s (CHC, 336). It isscarcely a grand observation to note that discourses resembling early forms ofauteurism appear in industry and educational venues; D. W. Griffith even putout ads in trade papers in the early teens claiming he invented various stylisticpractices (see ).Thus, promoting one’s self has been, throughout the history of Hollywood,part of labor practices. Analyzingauthorship as a determined and historical agency continues as one of my on-goingresearch agendas.

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OnceI realized that I was pursuing a poetics, I started to understand why some scholarsresisted my conclusions. For many, a film writer’s central taskis to interpret and evaluate individual works—as art, as politics, as expressionof social identity or modern culture. Judicious criticism of one stripe or anotheris taken as the heart of film studies. So anything that smacks of generalizationdoes violence to the integrity of the film at hand. For other scholars, tracinggeneral principles of form and style within a tradition isn’t theoreticalenough if the conclusions don’t lead to generalizations about culture asa whole. Middle-level theorizing isn’t considered interesting. In addition,an emphasis on aesthetics is suspect. At once over-theorized and under-Theorized,a poetics of cinema still lies outside many academics’ agendas.