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This essay will critically analyse the discourses, positions and relationships, as well as certain individuals habitus’ (after Bourdieu and Wacquant, 1992, cited in Gale & Densmore, 2000), which influence the classroom of Mark Thackeray (Sidney Potier) in the film To Sir with Love (Clavell, 1966).

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Loving Relations : Love is a sublime emotions. It is doubtful whether love has anything to do with human intelligence because Nature seems to have automated this feeling in many animals for the propagation of species. Even in humans love seem to belong to the heart rather than the mind. However, in the animals love stems from the selfish feeling of belongingness and filialness as part of the survival mechanism. Only humans can rise above their selfishness and extend universal love. Although we do not see many people doing it, we know that they can extend universal love and compassion if they spiritually prepare themselves to overcome their lower instincts and natural desires and manifest their higher nature. We do not know how far true love may manifest in sexual and conjugal relationships, but we know that it can happen as the culmination of prolong spiritual effort and self-transformation. Loving relationships have also a correlation with mental maturity. Mature and mentally stable people are more likely succeed in finding harmonious relationship or fit into such relationships. In life you are more likely to be drawn towards people who share with you common features, interests, motives, values and goals. Love in such cases is but an extension of self-love. Conversely, if you do not like yourself, you may also not like many people. The following essays deal with love, and how to find self-love and acceptance through loving relationships.

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The content of yaoi and boys' love are signs to which we have attached meaning. Our initial interpretations notwithstanding, we have engaged in a semiotic process for which there is no foreseeable end. From one instance of signification emerges more signifiers in an ongoing chain of meanings--a manifestation unlimited semiosis which Eco (1992) examines with such insight. If we were to shift attention from the significance that yaoi may hold for young Japanese females and Japanese society in general to the significance that M/M, dojinshi, and youth-generated popular culture hold for art education, we enter another realm of semiotic possibility. Yaoi, and boys' love are signs of teenage power within the realm of visual cultural. They represent the power of young peoples' artworks in which art teachers play virtually no role. We art teachers should examine these manifestations of power residing within the visual culture of youth in relationship to the visual cultural power represented by formal art education curricula.

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Hemingway is able to comment on the power of love and relationships to escape the pain that ..

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become romantic relationships, and sometimes they remain strangers. In this paper I will discuss the power of love through attraction, personal bonds, and

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