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The GIS Centre provides a geoinformation database in various GIS file formats with the poverty variables listed in the table below and linked to the municipality boundaries of South Africa.

Historical Glimpses of Indians in South Africa / S S Singh.

South African Indian literacy rate amongst the highest.

Vikram Singh, South African Military History, Commando Officer.

As the first significant act of segregation legislation in South Africa’s history, the Natives’ Land Act also put restrictions on the purchasing of land for both whites and blacks.

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The whites sought to enable that no mixing of the races was possible and that the blacks would know that they belonged to an inferior rrace, browne stated that “their attempts to realize this resulted in the creation of a complex legal structure, security systems and theology that concentrated the vast wealth of South Africa in the hands of a white minority.” apartheid sought most to control the righnts of Black South Africans to vote, it sought to control their lands, and also movement of black South Africans of South Africa's soil....

Poverty Trends in South Africa

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While historically South Africa has had one of the most unequal distributions of income in the world this rise is likely to place it at the top of the world rankings.

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Poverty levels in the country have declined as the number of people living below the poverty line dropped since 2006. The Poverty Trends Report released by Statistics South Africa reveals that people living below the food poverty line (FPL) has dropped to 20,2% of the population.

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National poverty lines may be drawn differently to include the lowest 30% of income earners in a population, for example, or according to a combination of definitions and criteria adopted by the measuring or evaluating authority. Because poverty lines tend to differ between countries, it is important to be clear about the measures used when comparing poverty data sets outside the PPP/US$1.25 figure.

It is worth noting that the South African black diamonds are a lot younger than the white middle class.

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Poverty rate (%) in South African municipalities

With its large, poor population KwaZulu-Natal has the biggest poverty gap (R18 billion).

The Hindi Shiksha Sangh of South Africa: a brief outline & history; a pictorial of the Annual Cultural Concert of the Sangh.

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For comparable country-specific information, the and produce a regular series of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers for individual African countries.

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in collaboration with Mr Andrew Whiteford, a South African economist, has generated these estimates.

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It has become increasingly defined by inequality within population groups as the gap between rich and poor within each group has increased substantially The Gini coefficient for the African population has risen from 0.62 in 1991 to 0.72 in 2001.