– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

When first introduced to Judyth, Ruby already knew Oswald. He told Judyth “I’ve known himever since he was a little boy, when he was at parties and things like that.” According toJudyth, Ruby was the “bag man” who brought money from Texas to finance the New Orleansplot.

– and aresponse to critics written in November2003.

– An  The narration is in Dutch, but Judyth speaks in English.

that London would be twice as large...

Judyth also told David Lifton (in a phone conversation) and Mary Ferrell that she was to meetLee in Cancun. Neither account includes “fine hotel,” but neither does either mention Mayanruins.

Wage levels otherwise are to the welfare of workers -- i.e.

Henderson, Liberty Fund, Indianapolis, 1993, 2002, 2008, p.482]The focus of "supply-side economics" on tax policy is a grave and even dangerous restriction in the use of the concept, since many more public policy issues ride on a proper understanding of the matter in its generality.

and that nevertheless the rate of mortality would have diminished to one-half,...

1. Two sheets of stationery from the Reily coffee company.

What the egalitarians ignore, however, is that a government system contains its own "perverse incentives," such as rationing that leads to treatment delays and preventable deaths, which the then tries to cover up.

3. An ink bottle Lee supposedly used to fill his fountain pen

Bill Clinton, whatever his flaws, left us with budget surpluses.Ben Stein, "A Nightmare Presidency," , April, 2014, p.49 -- the puzzling Ben Stein "loved" , who imposed wage and price controls, but consistently disparages "supply siders" (Ronald Reagan?) and praises the high taxes of the Eisenhower Administration, which used the taxes, of course, to pay off the debt from World War II, putting the money in the hands of whoever owned War Bonds.

miles down the road toward the social democratic model he so admires.

Often Lee would go through The Crescent City Garage, next door to Reily’s, toget to the offices of ex-FBI man, now-CIA operative, Guy Banister, who wasdeeply involved in anti-Castro causes. This necessitated his befriending garageowner Adrian Alba.

Some readers may be tempted to stop reading right now, given the sheer implausibility of thetale.

I want to see people get a job.

Judyth here appears to be recycling an ancient factoid which dates back to Mark Lane’s claims tothe Warren Commission. Jack Ruby most certainly did know an Officer Tippit, but it was adifferent Tippit, and not the cop shot in Oak Cliff less than an hour after the assassination.

Wages must not come down, they must not even stay on their present level; they must go up.

We have never made good on our promises....

When André said, “The South got something to say and that’s all I got to say,” at the Source Awards in 1995, I heard him saying that we were no longer going to artistically follow New York. Not because the artists of New York were wack, but because disregarding our particular stank in favor of a stink that didn’t love or respect us was like taking a broken elevator down into artistic and spiritual death.

The mice, by the way, were longgone from his apartment by the summer of 1963.

Hayek, , 1988, The University of Chicago Press, 1989, 1991, p.122

So it's free from the perverse incentives created when doctors and hospitals profit from expensive tests and procedures, whether or not those procedures actually make medical sense."Ah, yes, the VA lacks the evil profit motive.