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Although some people do live in severe poverty in developed countries, there are more services available on the whole, and a higher standard of living.

-- Celebrated Historian Paul Johnson

Then again, some people judge the wealthy as selfish or unfeeling, and blame them for poverty.

Did Americans before the 20th century lack compassion for the poor

This type of poverty is most pervasive in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, where over 40 percent of the population lives on $1 a day or less..

In developed countries, recession and debt are two main concerns.

Did they treat the poor with indifference or even cruelty

**Ed. Note: There is something shameful, even obscene, about the fact that the percentage of the worlds' people living in the most desperate poverty can drop from 88% to about 20% in less than 2 centuries, and self-important busybodies like this are bent on destroying the very foundations of what made it all possible.

"There is NO better anti-poverty program ANYwhere than capitalism."-- Neal Boortz

A recent Census Bureau report showed an overall U.S

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poverty rate of 13.2%, but a black poverty rate of 24.7%

Some people believe in fair distribution of wealth and equality of outcome, while others believe that income disparity is normal and the potential for wealth is an incentive.

The Geography of Poverty | Global Oneness Project

In a modern open-market capitalist society, entrepreneurs get rich and the poor get better off as a result -- OF COURSE they're not going to get as rich as fast (duh). So, the gap thereby gets wider -- but the top AND BOTTOM of the gap both rise to levels much higher than before. The gap is widening?? Well, hooray for everyone’s sake! ESPECIALLY the poor!

Three Great Articles On Poverty, And Why I Disagree …

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The Gap Between Rich and Poor - FREEDOM KEYS

Therefore, the concept of wealth and poverty is relative, and there is room for subjectivity and perspective.

In some cases, however, there is no room for argument or debate, such as people that live on less than $1 a day in the world's poorest areas.

Poverty and inequality | Topics | tutor2u Economics

"Every human institution includes some more or less severe malpractice -- journalism, I pointedly noted, as well as medicine, education, athletics and, do not forget, politics. ... There has always been not-so-hidden bias against this profession [business and commerce], evident since the beginning of recorded history and, especially, in the writings of philosophers and theologians." --

A Student's Guide to Startups - Paul Graham

Robert Reich (How to Shrink Inequality)

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