When life gives you every reason to be negative, think positive.

We create our entire world by the way we think. Thoughts are the causes and conditions are the effects. Our circumstances and conditions are not dictated by the world outside; it is the world inside us that creates the outside. Regardless of our circumstances, each person has the innate, God given ability to create or alter reality using the power of positive thinking. Studies show that people who participate in positive thinking lead more successful and happier lives than people who don't.

Òs entire outlook on life including their beliefs and practices.

Her outlook on life was bright until June 10th, 1991, the day of her abduction....

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Being negative can also lead me to a bad social environment. If I am always sarcastic and pessimistic, I would not have many friends and I wouldn’t be very happy with myself. But if I am positive, then my attitude helps me to have better relationships with everyone including my friends, family, or any other person I meet. A quote I really admire is, “The choices you make dictate your future.” I believe that this quote is very true. For example, not having a positive attitude may not keep healthy relationships with people.

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This leads me to my next reason: Success. I believe that having a positive attitude brings success. This is the achievement of something desired. In school, I go through this every day. For example, while taking a test in a class at school, I have to tell myself that I can do it! This is encouraging to me, and because of this I perform better. Another example is when I play tennis and I lose a match against my opponent; I don’t get disappointed. Instead, I persevere and learn from my mistakes so that next time I can be more successful and play better.

Chopin’s non-traditional family paved the way for her outlook on life....

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From personal experience, I knew I had to make a change — to have a different, positive outlook on life. Doing this, however, took a year for me to adjust. It wasn’t easy at first, but it was definitely worth the wait and struggle to change my perception on life. Although, I am not 100 percent happy all the time, about 90 percent of my day I am happy, laughing, smiling and being myself. Yes, I do have some tough days, but I try not to let that take over my day and rain on my parade.

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So, in this article I want to try to help people who want to change their outlook on life and change for the better. Like I said, this will take time, but do not give up. There really aren't steps to having a positive attitude on life, but I am going to give you the advice that has worked for me on how you can adjust your outlook on life.

Having a humorous outlook on life, Franklin tried to make others' lives better.

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I believe that, in the brief life we have, we can never take anything for granted. I was lucky enough to walk away with only a year’s worth of trouble, and though Chris was paralyzed, he did not die in that crash. Throughout the rest of my life I know I’ll continuously make the effort to make my life and the lives around me better because I have the good fortune of being alive and healthy. Thanks to Chris, I have a positive outlook on every situation knowing something good can come from anything, good or bad.

It has positioned itself as globally acceptable TV network and it has dominated in the entertainment market across the world.

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In order to promote positive attitude changes, managers need to have trusting relationships with subordinates, effectively convey why the change is important, and try to make changes a pleasant experience....

7. Surround yourself with positive people - Hang out with people who have a positive attitude and outlook on life.

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The power of positive thinking helps us cope more easily with the daily affairs of life, see the opportunities all around us, and gives us the courage to take action when the moments of truth arise. There is no greater joy than a healthy, positive life. You feel exhilarated, energetic, happy and on top of the world. A sense of total well being permeates your mind. The future looks bright. You feel good to be alive. Adopting positive thinking as a way of life will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. An emerging field of psychology takes a scientific approach to the power of positive thinking and has come up with some surprising revelations: