Positive Effects of Corporal Punishment

Again, I have some sympathy for these arguments -- if they are seen to be making the weaker claim that sometimes (even often) teacher-pupil relations are damaged by corporal punishment. I agree too that children can and have been beaten into unquestioning acceptance of authority. Where teachers regularly resort to using the cane and then use it with excessive force, I can well imagine their relationships with their pupils being compromised. Teachers who regularly and severely hit pupils are feared, not respected (though characteristically such teachers are unable to distinguish between the two). In such circumstances it would not surprise me at all if the inquiring, critical capacities of children were dampened or extinguished. However, I disagree that these are inevitable consequences of corporal punishment per se. I cannot see any reason for thinking that infrequent and mild corporal punishment would be likely to have any of these effects.

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Positive effects of Corporal Punishment

Second, although I think that corporal punishment is sometimes justified, I nevertheless feel uncomfortable about the idea of people being punished physically. I have a distinct distaste for the practice, and in the years that I taught school children I never resorted to corporal punishment. It may seem, then, as though my moral intuitions do not match my theoretical commitments. However, I think that an unease about corporal punishment is perfectly compatible with my theoretical position. There are many unpleasant practices that, although sometimes justified, should never be gleefully embraced. For example, it is sometimes justified to take another person's life, as in the case of self-defense, yet even in these circumstances we would judge the killer to be morally defective if he enjoyed or even failed to detest his killing of the aggressor. A killing is to be regretted even when it is justified.

Positive effects of corporal punishment essays

I have argued that corporal punishment is not always immoral. With appropriate restrictions and safeguards, it is sometimes permissible. There is a danger that the position I have advanced will be misunderstood. This danger lies partly in the polarization of views about corporal punishment, such that those who hold the polar views are not sensitive to an intermediate position. However, it is also partly attributable to the form this paper has taken. I have suggested a battery of arguments against the opponent of corporal punishment. Some positive arguments for this form of punishment were also raised. This may create the impression that mine is a vigorous defense of beating children for wrongdoing. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Moral internalization is another positive effect of corporal punishment.

the negative and positive effects of corporal punishment in schools.

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Reports from the about the long-drawn-out saga of a football hazing incident at Perryton High School in Texas and its aftermath. Our interest is not in the hazing itself but the punishment for it. Twelve boys were accused of assaulting another player and disciplined immediately by the school. Details of this discipline only became public later, when the four most senior accused students -- all 17-year-old local football stars, including Jason Pshigoda (shown above right in a ) -- brought a lawsuit against being, in effect, suspended from playing football on the grounds that they had already been punished, and testified that they had been given the choice of suspension or corporal punishment. All had opted for the paddling and taken 3 licks from Principal Doug Burke (pictured below right) later the same day. According to a later report, all 12 students had in fact been paddled.
Note that none of them was complaining about the paddling. What they were complaining about was being punished twice.
Incidentally, two years after this affair, Perryton High actually stepped up its use of paddling in a new tardy policy, which proved successful in reducing the number of tardies - see and . It makes one wonder about the proportionality aspect -- if you get a choice of suspension or three licks just for a sixth tardy, was the identical punishment of Jason and his chums really enough for beating up a freshman? Ought not the principal to have given these big guys at least six of the best?

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Positive effects corporal punishment essays

Corporal Punishment in Children – What Does It Accomplish?*|*PsychPage A positive effects corporal punishment essays nice review of the scholarly debate.

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Sep 21, 2014 · Nineteen US states currently allow corporal punishment in private and positive effects corporal punishment essays public schools (all 50 positive effects corporal punishment essays states allow “reasonable” corporal punishment in the home) Should we physical force to punish children?