or "Poetical Essay in Praise of the Qin".

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Date: 2017-01-20
Paper Title: The Aeneid as Founding Text of a Core Curriculum
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Louise Cowan's essays on the influence of The Aeneid in America came after she had designed the Literary Tradition sequence at the University of Dallas. Virgil's epic may have proved a catalyst for her understanding of the transformative role of the poetic tradition for the modern student. To Homer"s deep structure the Roman epic adds an overarching dynamic, the education of the hero. Humanitas, pietas, and lacrimae rerum ("tears for things") will be examined for the crucial roles they play in this process and their possible meaning for curriculum.

or "Poetical Essay in Praise of the Qin"

POETICAL essay in praise of the qin the preamble and the federal budget essay

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The roots of Pure Conversation have been traced to a politicalprotest movement that shook the Chinese world toward the end of the Hanperiod. It has come to be known as “Pure Criticism”(qingyi), which reflects the judgment of later writers (mainlyConfucian scholars) that the movement was motivated by pure intentionsand aimed at purifying corrupt practices in the Han government. Led byeminent scholar-officials and students of the imperial academy, it wasdirected especially against the alleged abuses of powerful eunuchs atcourt. However, the movement was suppressed harshly. Consequently, manyintellectuals seem to have become disillusioned with the politicalprocess. Fearing for their safety and disheartened by the apparentfutility of political engagement in effecting meaningful change, theyturned to, as it were, “purer” pursuits, channeling theircreative and intellectual energy to art and philosophy, away from thetreacherous waters of politics. Culturally, they indulged in wine,games, fashion and outlandish behavior that seemed to have beendesigned expressly to upset the status quo. Examples of these will bementioned below. In short, according to this view, inasmuch asxuanxue forms a key ingredient of Pure Conversation, it givesvoice to a spirit of escapism that finds refuge and takes delight inabstract philosophical Daoist discourse and certain counter-cultureexpressions.

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Date: 2017-01-05
Paper Title: Dumbing Democracy Down: Alexis de Tocqueville's Appraisals and Solutions
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Democracy in America (Selections)
In 1831 Alexis de Tocqueville spent nine months touring the United States, interviewing hundreds of diverse people, trying to understand the country's strengths and weaknesses. He published his observations in a collection of essays, Democracy in America. Tocqueville's astute insights carry a foreboding resonance for American democracy today. In particular, Democracy in America anticipates how problems of division and fragmentation are peculiar to democratic societies and yet, ironically democratic societies retain the social and political capital to offer meaningful solutions such problems. This paper examines how Tocqueville’s interpretations of public associations in civil life, particularly education and religion, anticipate potential models of integration and stability in a culture of competing pluralisms.

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