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Palmore, Duke UniversityOf course, what normally prevents immortality is AGING, but htere are quite a few different theories of what actually causes aging:Intellectual/Creative Immortality is discussed in:Science Fiction and some scientific speculators have proposed a fourth path to immortality, namely:(4) and a fifth path, through the new engineering discipline of nanotechnology:(5) and a sixth path, through Cryonic (very cold) suspension, preservation, and eventual warming up and resucscitation:(6) A short conventional definition of immortality is available at:A short essay and collection of Biblical quotes are at:A collection of quotations about Immortality from Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and other eligions is at:Plato and Socrates had a few things to say on this subject:And now for some breaking news: University of Texas scientists, supported by Geron Corp., say they may have found the "cellular fountain of youth." It's an enzyme that stops human cells from aging and dying.

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In the Phaedo, Plato introduced the theory of Ideas which centered on the problem of immortality of the soul, which suggested that true cannot be finding in the sensible world, but in the world of ideas....

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The main reasons in support of this claim are that there are questionable conclusions that Plato had reached that challenge the validity of his theory on immortal souls....

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