im here because of Nigel-Murray

Hi Annie,
Thanks for leaving your inspiring comment on my site. It’s great hearing how well you’re doing. I’m sure my eraders will enjoy it as much as I have. Keep in touch and good luck!

I am! :D greetings from Finland

Guilty!! Had to rewind to be sure I understood the line correctly and here I am! Too funny!

5 toes oh each foot.Done and done? Good, let’s go get a sandwhich :P

Found Tylenol or acetometophin PM (PM!) works well for sleeping. NO side affects, and getting about 4 hours straight sleep. TKR on 8/27/13, Getting over 125 RoM, working out at the gym daily, doing a lot of bends throughout the day. Just like everyone, it’s been painful but perseverance pays off!


Just had to comment further….HOW LONG before anybody sleeps in their OWN bed again? THAT is the main issue bothering me at the moment – I want to get out of this chair!!!! I sleep well with the pain meds, but am SUPER tired throughout the day and unless I get a nap in the afternoon, forget it….thanks for any suggestions!

Maralyin had 5 toes on each foot and was beautiful

essay by Leslie Jamison - The Believer

An idea for anyone having a similar issue. PT said to make sure no one manipulates the knee itself, or puts pressure on the knee. Hope this helps someone.

Marilyn Monroe – 6 Toes? | Danamo's Marilyn Monroe …

7 weeks, no sleep, I was going crazy. Then I decided to go back to using a chiropractor which I did before surgery. I told him of my pain. He did a deep massage in that area and I slept great that night. I am going back every other day for the massage for awhile, but I have not had the pain since, going on week two.

Marilyn did NOT have six toes on one foot

I have been in pain since my surgery 7 weeks ago, mostly the pain was like a shin splint feeling and it was horrible at night making it so I could not sleep. I asked the surgeon, he said about 10% of his patients have the same complaint but it eventually goes away. The pain pills nor sleeping pills helped.

Talking about total knee replacement and other physicalities

OopsSorry my tkr date was 01/2213 not 01/22/12

THE Aug 26, 2015. Also had sleeping problems until I started using Calm. It worked wonders and now I can sleep through the night! It is a powder dissolved in water and is magnesium which helps relax muscles.

had total knee replacement 4 weeks ago, sleeping is very tough….any remedies or solutions? Thanks

PH should have been PT (physical therapy).

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Having to urinate is also problem since it wakes you up but that is age I guess.

I’ve never had trouble sleeping so this is just killing me.

Hello everyone! I had TKR 13 April and have progressed well in range of motion and swelling through the skillful help of my physical therapists. At 4 weeks I could fully straighten my knee and bend it at 130, even if not totally comfortably. The pain meds helped me become mobile and do my PT while in the hospital; hospital staff had me up the same day as surgery. Pain meds also made me sick to my stomach and constipated, so I didn’t fill the prescription when I left the hospital. Two extra strength tylenol several times a day has sufficed, even if it has not kept me totally pain free. Now at 5 weeks I do have painfree spans of time, but this does not happen for long at night.