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In our interview with Antonio Olmos we discuss his journey as a photographer from Mexico to London, and the changes he has seen over his many years in the business, including the switch to film and the role of the mass media in disseminating photographic stories. In his latest project, The Landscape of Murder, Antonio documents the scenes of the murders that have taken place within the M25 in the past two years. He visited each sites within a few days, taking an image of what was there, from flowers, to crowds of people, to nothing but red tape. Antonio talks about working on London based stories, his philosophy and approach to photography and his belief in the importance of being analytical rather than technical. In our discussion of The Landscape of Murder we discus Antonio’s methods and composition, his decision to use a Google map and a blog, and the unexpected places and victims of these murders. His images challenge stereotypical views of London and question why these murders often go underreported.

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These lesson plans can be implemented in all grade levels and with various reading ability levels.

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The exhibition comprised of a collection of the photographs that the artist had named “Vessels and Blooms.” I have seen instant photography pictures before, but nothing that artistic. It usually looked like a set of bright and juicy splashes of colored water, beverages, or paints captured randomly, with no particular order, except for the combination of shades that would look aesthetic or contrasting together. But, what has done is a completely new level of instant photography combined with fine art. The artist (I believe it would be wrong to call him simply a photographer, since what he does looks more like paintings than like photography) creates amazingly beautiful pictures using water, dyes, pigments, and thickeners, shaping them into flowerpots of lilies, tulips, roses, peonies, and orchids. These exceptionally realistic, glossy, and bright three-dimensional images—with a hint of movement to them, which made the pictures somewhat romantic—instantly mesmerized me. The artist captures a single moment and does more than just preserve it. He creates the art during those milliseconds of beauty that flickers in front of us, and that our eyes would not be able to capture otherwise.

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Our students’ first coursework unit examines “Identity” and draws on their own interests and personality to be expressed through the means of photography. Students are introduced to both automatic and manual settings on SLR Cameras and taught fundamental skills in Photo shop editing software by specialist teaching staff.

Most of the families indicated that the intervention was important, helpful, and supportive, but the level of usefulness of the intervention varied.

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I am certain, as it becomes increasingly obvious, that we were deliberately lied to in order to justify a war with Iraq, there will be no general sense of betrayal because we no longer understand the relationship between cause and effect.

The virtual reality created by television is expressed through predominately photographic means, our culture's most dominant way of expressing "reality".

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For those who control the narrative of American life, illustration is now too idiosyncratic, harder to control and are less reassuring than the photographic imagery we have all grown up with.

~Ruth BernhardIt pleases me to take amateur photographs of my garden, and it pleases my garden to make my photographs look professional.

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While entry-level photojournalists and commercial and scientific photographers usually need a degree in photography, portrait photographers need only technical proficiency. However, a degree can make a job candidate more competitive. Classes in , including and , are very helpful to those who are self-employed.

Learn the theory, practice, and art of photographic composition by analyzing the work of professional photographers.

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review the level of screening and the instruments used across jurisdictions to assess mental illness in justice agencies.

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Working-class schools were composed of parents with blue-collar jobs and a majority earned less than twelve-thousand dollars annually, with about fifteen percent at the poverty level.