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Rebel soldiers commanded by dissident general, Laurent Nkunda, shot and killed a silverback Mountain Gorilla in the Southern Sector of Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on the fifth of January.

As the Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda leads an open ..

the CNDP under rebel Congolese Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda, ..

General Laurent Nkunda is the Tutsi leader of the National ..

This was Rumangabo in eastern DRC, north Kivu Province. Once it had been the headquarters of Laurent Nkunda, a Tutsi general in the Congolese army and commonly known as ‘the Chairman’. Now it was the headquarters of one of the most remarkable national parks in the world, Virunga. The oldest park in Africa, it was established in 1925 as Albert National Park and today it occupies 7,800 sq kms along the DRC’s borders with Rwanda and Uganda. It holds within it 200 of the last remaining 750 mountain gorillas, along with chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, both forest and savannah wildlife as well as highly active volcanoes. In the north of the park stretch the Ruwenzoris, the famed Mountains of the Moon and beyond that the forests that are home to the Bambuti Pygmies.

Not only has Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda …

The most bizarre experience on this trip so far has been the visit to General Laurent Nkunda. It’s hardly an everyday occurrence to go to the military camp of an actual “warlord” who is accused of raping and massacring thousands. (He prefers to be referred to as “liberator of the people”, and denies all allegations against him.) That a journalist well known for opposing him had just been assassinated in the Congo, and that General Nkunda made several references to our security, made us apprehensive during the interview and cautious in subsequent reporting.

laurent kabila congo
where Congolese warlord Laurent Nkunda claimed that he has been protecting ..

nkunda's vision for congo, by laurent nkunda

I have a firm belief that the cause of fighting in eastern DR Congo, which has led to the suffering of many innocent people, draws credible suspicion to General Laurent Nkunda's true objectives.

- Laurent Nkunda is still in charge of DR Congo's rebel movement and a ..


They completely lost control of the country to the rebels and were so desperate that during recent fighting with Laurent Nkunda's National Congress for People's Defence party (CNDP), they formed a coalition with other enemies of peace, namely the Coalition of Patriots in the Congolese Resistance (Pareco), Hutu militia, the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda and other small armed groups who are all well renowned for their brutality against civilians.

The Hutu also battle a Tutsi rebel leader, General Laurent Nkunda, and his forces

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