Essays on grassroots civil rights activism in the post-WWII period.

This online companion to The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, a four-part television series, tells the story of the African American struggle for freedom during the era of segregation. The site offers six historical essays and five themed essays focusing on creating, surviving, resisting, escaping, and transcending Jim Crow oppression from the late-19th-century to the Civil Rights Movement. There are shorter essays on topics such as Jackie Robinson and the lynching of Emmett Till and 10 interactive maps. The site offers more than 25 lesson plans, an interactive encyclopedia, historical photographs, and first-hand narratives.

Selected Civil Rights Photographs of Ernest C.

Civil rights photography of Charles Moore.

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This site contains approximately 400 digitized speeches, sermons, and other writings covering the period from 1929 to 1958, as well as 16 chapters of material from The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. The site also provides an interactive chronology of King’s life; a 1,000-word biographical essay; 23 audio files of recorded speeches and sermons; 12 articles on King; 32 photographs; and 11 links to other resources. This site is useful for studying the development of King’s views and discourse on civil rights, race relations, non-violence, education, peace, the war in Vietnam, and other political, religious, and philosophical topics.

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This website currently offers 150 oral histories with prominent figures on both sides of the civil rights movement. The site features interviews with civil rights leaders, such as Charles Cobb, Charles Evers, and Aaron Henry. The alphabetical interview index offers a short biography of each subject, as well as information on the date and place of the interview. The site also offers 16 collections of documents that include hundreds of pages of letters, journals, photographs, pamphlets, newsletters, FBI documents, and arrest records. Six collections pertain to Freedom Summer, the 1964 volunteer initiative in Mississippi to establish schools, register voters, and organize a bi-racial Democratic party.

Series of essays by Movement veteran Vincent Harding on how the Civil Rights Movement affected all aspects of American life.
Comprehensive and authoritative collection of articles and essays about the civil rights struggle in the U.S.

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This searchable archive offers more than 250 documents from the Mississippi Freedom Movement, the struggle to register African Americans to vote in Mississippi in the early 1960s, and the continuing Brown-Tougaloo Cooperative Exchange that grew out of it. The archive includes books, manuscripts, periodicals, correspondence, interview transcripts, photographs, artifacts, and legal, organizational, and personal documents. The site offers two lesson plans, one focused on the experiences of college-aged civil rights workers during the Freedom Movement and the other on voter registration. This site is a useful resource for researching the Mississippi Freedom Movement, and the history and people of the civil rights movement

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University Press of Mississippi, 2001, Essays on how 9 different Mississippi editors and their newspapers from "moderate" to segregationist covered the civil rights movement in their state from to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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