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Philosophers succeeding Husserl debated the proper characterizationof phenomenology, arguing over its results and its methods. AdolfReinach, an early student of Husserl’s (who died in World War I),argued that phenomenology should remain allied with a realist ontology,as in Husserl’s Logical Investigations. Roman Ingarden, aPolish phenomenologist of the next generation, continued the resistanceto Husserl’s turn to transcendental idealism. For such philosophers,phenomenology should not bracket questions of being or ontology, as themethod of epoché would suggest. And they were notalone. Martin Heidegger studied Husserl’s early writings, worked asAssistant to Husserl in 1916, and in 1928 succeeded Husserl in theprestigious chair at the University of Freiburg. Heidegger had his ownideas about phenomenology.

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- Empiricism research papers discuss the school of philosophy which states that all knowledge can only be gained through sensory experience, or from empirical knowledge. - Empiricists research papers examine their believe that knowledge is gained through experience. - English utopia fiction research papers delve into an example of how to order a literature paper for undergraduates. - Research papers on epistemology discuss the philosophical questions regarding the subject of knowledge. - Equal rights research papers go into the struggle for equality and human rights in the Western Civilization throughout the centuries. - Esotericism research papers discuss the beliefs that are generally only held by a small group of unusual interest. - Research papers on Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding show how Locke offers an account of the manner in which the mind perceives things in the world. - Ethical decision making research papers examine the choices that one makes when faced with standards of behavior that tell an individual how to act in a given situation. - Ethical theories research papers discuss the branch of moral philosophy that deals with the concepts of right and wrong. - Euclid’s elements research papers analyze the collection of thirteen books on mathematics and geometry written by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, dated around 300 BCE. - Euripides research papers discuss his best known plays, just like Sophocles. - Existentialism research papers discuss the existential movement that influenced much of the world in the 20th Century. - Fatalism research papers examine the philosophical idea that the individual is powerless in the universe. - Feudalism in the Middle Ages research papers discuss the system of legal and military customs that governed much of Europe during the Middle Ages. - Feudal system research papers examine the governing principle of Europe during the Middle Ages. - Many religious philosophers point out that free will immediately leads to man’s temptation and fall. - Functionalism research papers delve into the theory of the mind that encompasses both modern philosophy and psychology. - Geneva Convention research papers examine the series of four treaties and three additional protocols that establish the standards of international law and regulate conduct during warfare. - Gettier Problem research papers discuss the philosophical dilemma introduced by Edmund Gettier. - Good Without God research papers discuss the book, written by Greg M.

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Mar 24, 2012 · This essay - or post if you wish - is intended as a concise exploration of utilitarianism, one of many ethical movements within the world of moral philosophy.

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