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Year-round schools are definitely a good thing. They promote learning, make it easier for students to “bear with school”, vacations are more enjoyable, and most of all, vacations are more frequent. Can you really ask for anything more?

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Carrie Wozniak, Assistant Superintendent, Fraser Public Schools

I believe that students should have opportunities to access learning year round.

It allows students to have continuity and an opportunity to not have gaps in the learning process.

No, it is all about expectations and the culture of the school.

There would be an increase in cost.

Students would have access to programing such as free and reduced lunch/access to Latchkey.

They would have a consistent educational experience and access to resources all year long.

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(Winter, 2005) The National Association for Year Round Schooling defines it as “a schedule which contains no break lasting longer than eight weeks-schools are able to keep their students in constant learning mode, and are able to use the intersessions between periods of schooling to address the problems of students who are falling behind.” (St....

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Keeping a students attention for nine straight months is a hard task. It is especially hard when teachers constantly slam homework down their throats. Students get so burnt out by everyday school. They are more concerned with just getting through the year than really learning. Some even take days off of school because it begins to be too much. In year-round school you don’t have to worry about making it through the whole year. You only have to worry about making it through forty-five days. Students are happier with the short term waiting. Since they are happier in school, they are more likely to have higher attendance (Elsberry 1992).

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Year-round calendars help students achieve a higher education and allow teachers to provide more effective education.
Year round schooling has been known as a way to ease classroom overcrowding and improve academics.

The question is, is the idea of year round schools acceptable considering all the potential drawbacks.

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Considering this, Year Round Schools is essentially expensive because this article states that “A year-round school schedule would be at least $3 million -- and as much as $33 million -- more expensive than the traditional school calendar” (“Year-round school costs questioned Sav...

Year Round School Persuasive Essay . Education is the fundamental key to our everyday lives. Knowledge is what keeps our economic growth possible.

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By: Marlee Richardson Year-round schooling prevents summer learning loss by eliminating summer breaks and replacing them with more consistent breaks distributed throughout the year.
During summer break from school, students set aside learning entirely and begin to fall behind educationally in those three months.