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We happened to get a taste of both Pizza Hut's cheese-only and pepperoni gluten-free pizzas at their first public unveiling, during the official after party for the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards on January 15, and both were very tasty – and pretty hard to differentiate from the gluten-crusted slices.

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Udi’s will supply the dough for the two pizza choices being offered, cheese-only and pepperoni. Both are made with gluten-free marinara sauce and all the ingredients are kept completely separate from the rest of the kitchen. In addition, the pizza makers will wear gloves while preparing the pie, bake it on parchment paper, use a designated pizza cutter for slicing and pack it in a special box for delivery.

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Looks and sounds delicious, i might experiment with this mixing in some of my other fav pizza toppings seeing as how I’m not a huge just pepperoni fan

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