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He died after a long illness on March 31, 1976 at his home in Orgeval, France.In 1990, the National Gallery of Art had a retrospective of Strand's work.

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I see the strength of a single man while acknowledging the machine that replaced thousands, the flight of childhood innocence grounded by the scar of life hard lived, a living room altar to a symbolic president and a toppled white king in a conquered game of chess.

While this work makes specific reference to the rural black experience, I am reminded with every visit that these themes of faith, identity, and perseverance are common to us all.

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Commitment—or “engagement”—is thus ultimatelythe basis for an authentically meaningful life, that is, one thatanswers to the existential condition of being human and does not fleethat condition by appeal to an abstract system of reason or divinewill. Yet though I alone can commit myself to some way of life, someproject, I am never alone when I do so; nor do I do so in a social,historical, or political vaccuum. If transcendence represents myradical freedom to define myself, facticity—that other aspect ofmy being—represents the situated character of thisself-making. Because freedom as transcendence undermines the idea of astable, timeless system of moral norms, it is little wonder thatexistential philosophers (with the exception of Simone de Beauvoir) devoted scant energy to questions ofnormative moral theory. However, because this freedom is alwayssocially (and thereby historically) situated, it is equallyunsurprising that their writings are greatly concerned with how ourchoices and commitments are concretely contextualized in terms ofpolitical struggles and historical reality.

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A Narrative Chronology

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