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Love to draw? Do you want to try your hand at learning something new? This class will teach you to draw what you see, to sketch what you are imagining, and to relax by drawing. Drawing 1 will introduce a variety of drawing techniques and drawing materials including, but not limited to, graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, chalk pastel, Sharpie, crow quill pen & ink and Copic markers. You will learn different styles of drawing so that you can develop your own style. If you are interested in expressing yourself visually, this class is for you.

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Sustainable Practices continues the study of the preparation and preservation of a wide variety of foods grown on our unique one-acre, urban farm. This course is co-taught and integrated with a Field Biology class and the two must be taken together. Emphasis is placed on engineering and design as well as hands on food production and the biology integral to understanding the workings of the farm. Students use their knowledge of biology to create a small growing space of their own incorporating sustainable practices. This class is taught off-site at the Terra Nova School of Science and Sustainability. transportation is provided. Upon successful completion of this class AND Field Biology students will receive 1.0 Applied Arts credit and 1.0 Science credit.

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