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It is not the phenomenon that takes place just in nature. Same thing happens in a laboratory too. By slicing a stone as thin as light can penetrate, you can view a beautiful and colorful micro world through a microscope. It is quite awesome. However, how do you feel once a specialist starts to explain that the mineral that causes colorful reflection like this is caused by amphibole and the change of color is caused by optical property when light goes through a crystal ...? Maybe you will feel that the beauty of the mineral is diminished and the brightness wanes.

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Includes "From Freedom to Bondage," by Herbert Spencer.

To begin with, some people believe that individual must get their university degree to get a good job and it is the best possible way than others. They think that having a good educational qualification is a key of success in securing high level job. More importantly, they marked it as a primary criteria for any recruitment procedures whereas candidate having below university degree will find hard to get a well paid job.

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POEISIS (from Greek poieo, "to make"): In Plato's Symposium, this term refers to act of creating or making something--both in the biological act of procreation and in the realm of the mind. It covers the action itself as well as the moment of transition where one thing becomes something new, and encompasses, as the character Diotima argues in The Symposium, all of the following (1) natural poiesis or reproductive sexuality, (2) poiesis in a city through the attainment of worthy fame, and (3) poiesis in the soul through virtuous habits and moral education. The word is related to the root of the modern English word poetry.

Frederick Engels, Ernest Untermann, eds.

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1- How I keep my position or opinion throughout the essay , especially in the discussion essay where I have to present the other view that differs of mine ?

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2 – In a previous IELTS exam I faced with the the word “And” and it was a problem for me, lol. The question was something like that: Modern technology could help in reduce and preventing crime , do you agree or disagree.
I do not know if the question need two separate paragraphs (one for reducing and the other for preventing) or not …
If you could clarify it would be great.
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Batson, trans.Foreword by Murray Rothbard and Introduction by Lionel Robbins not available online.

making her inhabit indeed a museum ...

To be in conflict with traditional society’s beliefs is difficult for many to do; however, author Kate Chopin fights that battle to bring readers some of the most thought provoking literature that a person can get their hands on. Using to her advantage conventions of narrative stories such as character development, plot control, and irony, she is able to bring the reader into a world of emotions that society would scoff at. Kate Chopin demonstrates her incredible literary talent in “The Story of an Hour” by interconnecting the plot and character development, with her use of thought-provoking vocabulary and narrative irony.

Appendix by Edward Atkinson, Introduction by Hodgson Pratt, Prefatory letter by Frédéric Passy.

PANTOUM: A variant spelling of pantun (see below).

Many churches have relied almost solely on the spoken word to carry the burden of proclamation. However, even in the Old Testament the services of worship involved all of the senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, as well as hearing. Modern learning theory also indicates that the more senses are involved in an experience, the more impact it makes, especially for children. This suggests that the worship experience should be concerned with more than just preaching and music (see ). At the very least, worship should involve visual as well as auditory experience.

He removes her from time in declining to give precise indication of race, country, or epoch ...

Arthur Symons, a contemporary literary critic, remarks:

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