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Yes, it is fun to help paint a mural or construct a giant model of a molecule. But these activities also promote particular learning skills, create outputs that are usable by others, and promote the institution as a social place. The more you think about which mission-relevant goals you want to support, the more likely you are to design a project that satisfies more than the visitors’ desires to be entertained. As Geoff Godbey, professor of leisure studies at Pennsylvania State University, commented in a Wall Street Journal article: “To be most satisfying, leisure should resemble the best aspects of work: challenges, skills and important relationships.” Participatory projects can accommodate these interests and are often better suited to providing visitors with meaningful work than traditional museum experiences.

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Having a wellness program is more important than ever. Your employees want it, and you know the great things it can do for morale, productivity, and engagement in the office. But there’s just one little problem: employees aren’t participating.

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Thank you Larissa and Barbara. And I totally agree that this is a concern not just for indigenous races but all people and their histories. I do think its really helpful to use indigenous peoples to show how cultural artifacts and histories can be exploited. The Kete project is a great example of a lack of indigenous participation Barbara. As many would know passing down knowledge orally is still extremely important within Maori communities, it somewhat tackles the issue of controlling who receives the information and for many Maori, it is a spiritual issue as well. For many when they speak of their ancestors, they are, in ways, invoking their ancestors especially when talking about stories concerning important events, great care is taken on how they word and convey these stories. I realise that many museums and organisations would like to work with indigenous peoples but it takes more than holding meetings at venues chosen by them and just simply putting invites through noticeboards. If indigenous peoples are going to share their histories, they need to feel connected with these institutions. Trust needs to be built overtime which unfortunately many institutions aren’t willing to give. Perhaps many indigenous believe they have made great leaps outside ‘their world’ but the mainstream does not seem interested to step into theirs?

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