IELTS writing task 2 paraphrasing practice exercise

When a writer paraphrases a section from a source (for instance, when a student paraphrases a few sentences from a newspaper article to use in his research paper), what he is actually doing is turning the original text into his own words .

Paraphrasing Exercises for TOEFL Essays: part 1

mam,i am very weak in task 2. Becoz,when i strat essay to cofuse, what i write

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Ward off Plagiarism: How to Paraphrase Writing

As you can see my writing is not upto the mark.
Kindly provide an effective method to reach my goal and also I would like to do some practice exercise for planning and paraphrasing also, the link provided for paraphrasing practice is not available.

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Hi Liz. I enjoyed watching your lessons and the same time I learn a lot about the Ielts exam. Actually my exam is on 14 October 2017. Im a little bit nervous. Writing essay task1 and task2 is the hardest part. Any advise please. Thank you.

Write about one of the essays assigned in this week’s readings. In 250 to 500 words

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Your paraphrase doesn't have to be a work of art. However, it should contain the author's main ideas and it should be written in your own words. You can find more passages for paraphrasing on the pages that follow.

Hi…. am from india.When i write the phase 2 in writing. .. it takes lot of time to complete the essay… And my vocabulary is ok i think. ..

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State the purpose of the essay.
Describe one descriptive writing pattern being used in the essay (refer to section 6.4 in Essentials of College Writing).
Explain why you think that descriptive writing pattern is used well by the writer. Incorporate a paraphrase from the essay and

properly cite the essay.Explain how you plan to use the same descriptive writing pattern in your personal essay.

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