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Was the American Civil War a war over slavery? Why or why not? Explain your answer and provide support for your opinion. HINT: This is not a simple yes or no answer.
B. What were the immediate AND long-lasting effects (outcomes) of the American Civil War? Discuss each one in order of importance.

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Complex life means, by definition, that it has many parts and they move. Complex life needs energy to run its many moving parts. Complexity’s dependence on greater levels of energy use not only applies to all organisms and ecosystems, but it has also applied to all human civilizations, as will be explored later in this essay. When cells became “complex” with organelles, a tiny observer inside that cell would have witnessed a bewildering display of activity, as mitochondria sailed through the cells via “scaffolding” on their energy generating missions, the ingestion of molecules for fuel and to create structures, the miracle of cellular division, the constant building, repair, and dismantling of cellular structures, and the ejection of waste through the cellular membrane. The movement of molecules and organelles in eukaryotic cells is accomplished by using the same protein that became muscle: actin. Prokaryotes used an , and their provide their main mode of travel, to usually move toward food and safety or away from danger, including predators.

The American Revolution, Civil War and Reconstruction Essay

But the branch of the that readers might find most interesting led to humans. Humans are in the phylum, and the last common ancestor that founded the Chordata phylum is still a mystery and understandably a source of controversy. Was our ancestor a ? A ? Peter Ward made the case, as have others for a long time, that it was the sea squirt, also called a tunicate, which in its larval stage resembles a fish. The nerve cord in most bilaterally symmetric animals runs below the belly, not above it, and a sea squirt that never grew up may have been our direct ancestor. Adult tunicates are also highly adapted to extracting oxygen from water, even too much so, with only about 10% of today’s available oxygen extracted in tunicate respiration. It may mean that tunicates adapted to low oxygen conditions early on. Ward’s respiration hypothesis, which makes the case that adapting to low oxygen conditions was an evolutionary spur for animals, will repeatedly reappear in this essay, as will . Ward’s hypothesis may be proven wrong or will not have the key influence that he attributes to it, but it also has plenty going for it. The idea that fluctuating oxygen levels impacted animal evolution has been gaining support in recent years, particularly in light of recent reconstructions of oxygen levels in the eon of complex life, called and , which have yielded broadly similar results, but their variances mean that much more work needs to be performed before on the can be done, if it ever can be. Ward’s basic hypotheses is that when oxygen levels are high, ecosystems are diverse and life is an easy proposition; when oxygen levels are low, animals adapted to high oxygen levels go extinct and the survivors are adapted to low oxygen with body plan changes, and their adaptations helped them dominate after the extinctions. The has a pretty wide range of potential error, particularly in the early years, and it also tracked atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The challenges to the validity of a model based on data with such a wide range of error are understandable. But some broad trends are unmistakable, as it is with other models, some of which are generally declining carbon dioxide levels, some huge oxygen spikes, and the generally relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, which a geochemist would expect. The high carbon dioxide level during the Cambrian, of at least 4,000 PPM (the "RCO2" in the below graphic is a ratio of the calculated CO2 levels to today's levels), is what scientists think made the times so hot. (Permission: Peter Ward, June 2014)

There were many other outcomes and effects of the Civil War, but these help us understand why America is what is was like just after the Civil War.
The Effects and Outcomes of the Civil War Most people know the main outcomes of the Civil War, but most people do not know the little details.

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The essay, as a start-point for a wider work, aims at highlighting some guidelines in order to understand whether the legal qualification of the features concerned at the same time with bargain and donation may be linked to the Roman legal science as well as to its methods and outcomes, or the Constantinian Review (323 AD), directed to convert donation from a into a typical real contract, is the basis for a dramatic change of perspective which founded theoretical elaborations very different from the classical ones. In other words, if one considers that current positive regulation on donation differs so much from the rules on those transactions characterized by mutuality, one may ask: as far as such a topic is concerned, is there, in the modern reconstructions, any legacy of Roman legal science? In the light of this likely legacy, may the Pandectistic theorizations be explained in a more precise manner? After examining the present legal features implied (connection of juridical acts; transactions with multiple ‘objective functions’; indirect juridical act), and after determining their origins in the introductory works to the enactment of the BGB, the main scholarly trends developed on the Roman are taken into account; and, above all, the analysis focuses on the methodological perspectives as well as on the interpretative work directed to link the obligatory bond with the donation. The essay underlines that, notwithstanding the difference existing between modern and ancient approaches, and even after the donation was deemed as a real contract, current legal qualification draws on criteria already used by classical Roman jurists, so that, this activity is clearly grounded on a logical work which is still inspired by ancient solutions. All this will be able to help to improve at the present time the quality of application, principally if these, being at the mercy of the legal science and of the courts, will be embodied in European legal consolidations.

Since the end of the Civil War in 1865, Republicans had tried to Reconstruct the South and secure equal rights for African American men

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Looking back at the founding of America , slavery, Civil War, emancipation, reconstruction, and the times following all the way through today I would say everyone should ask, is liberty truly the American Way.

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Concerning the 20th century the essay points out the remarkable revival of the european project after World-War-I. Nobody beliefed in the 1920th in a revival of european ideas, because the treaty of Versailles contained so many clauses, aimed to humiliate the former enemy Germany, (e.g. article 153, which declared Germany and its alliies as the sole responsibles for the war), so that any european agreement seemed impossible. It was a private organisation, the Paneuropa-Movement, set up by the count Coudenhove-Kalergi, which tried to reconstruct the revival of Europe. Supported by the french foreign minister Aristide Briand (Briand-memorandum 1930), he succeeded in setting up a big movement which had much resonance in the public. In the era of World-War-II the Nazi goverment misused the european idea as a means for a widespread propaganda in all occupied territories which aimed to construct "Gross-Germanisches-Reich" under German domination - an illusion because the NS-collaboration in the occupied countries soon found out that they were only an instrument in the hands of the ruthless dictator Hitler.