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In order to make my point I propose a thought experiment which goes like this. Suppose that some agency of extraordinary power was able to completely fix the Environmental and Ecological problems of this World overnight. Through supernatural power or super advanced technology, this outside agency was able to repair all the Ecological and Environmental damage that had been inflicted on the planet since the dawn of human civilization, even replenishing all the Earth’s non renewable resources such as Oil, Gas and Coal etc. Furthermore this outside agency might also set up an optimal system of Social, Economic and Political Organization for our benefit. However nothing is done to address the Ideological problems of this World, nor the problems in the realm of Pure ideas relating to Science, Theology and Philosophy. So with this remade planet Earth and a fresh start we still have all the various Religious Fundamentalist Doctrines, all the notions of Selfish Genes, Survival of the Fittest and a purposeless Universe devoid of any ultimate meaning. It’s not difficult to see that within a few generations we would be back to square one and facing exactly those problems we are facing today, once again.

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The above diagram shows two forks which correspond to two possible future outcomes for the Problems of the World Today. The Left Fork shows the continuation of the currrent trajectory that we’re finding ourselves in and is a dystopian social and environmental nightmare. The Right fork is what we’d like to happen with a scenario corresponding to a satisfactory outcome to the present predicament and the solution to the Problems of this World.

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Of course it would be quite an undertaking to present an exhaustive list of the worlds problems. What we have tried to do is to describe some of those problems which are most global in scope. We could also include issues such as Nuclear Proliferation or the emergence of super viruses and their potential for causing pandemics that could kill many millions of people. Though our survey is not exhaustive, nonetheless it does cover a very significant proportion of the most pressing concerning facing humanity today.

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So the first Domino represents the Problems in this World that exist in realm of pure ideas, which will be the sort of problems which vex Scientists, Philosopher and Theologians. This may not seem as relevant or significant as some of the more obvious problems that face humanity and the planet, but as we will show, solving certain key problems in this category and toppling the first domino is the point of power which will bring down the other dominoes and solve the more apparent issues that we are facing today. Continuing our description of our four dominoes corresponding to the four problem categories, our second domino represents the problems of this World to do with Ideology and Belief, which includes the problems of Religion, Morality, Psychology and Human Behaviour. The third domino and problem category has to do with problems of Political policy, Social Organization and Economic Activity. They are the problems of this world relating to how the people of this planet conduct and organize themselves as a whole. This is a large category which includes things like War, Oppression, Over Population, Social injustice etc. The fourth and final problem category or last domino, represents the problems of this World relating to the Environment and our fragile World Ecosystem, i.e. things like Global Warming and destruction of natural habitats etc.

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It is generally acknowledged that in the World today there are potentially calamitous problems relating to environmental destruction, resource depletion, global warming and over population. The natural resources of this planet, its forests, fisheries and crop lands are already being used at such a rate that is unsustainable. We are already using the planets renewable resources faster than what the planet can replenish. This trend is related to the ongoing and accelerating process of species extinction and the destruction of natural habitats such as the tropical rainforests, whole ocean ecosystems, rivers and coastal wetlands. This gradual destruction of the earths biosphere, its animal and plant species together with their complex webs of self sustenance, is certainly set to continue as human population growth and increased economic activity imposes more pressures on the planetary ecosystem. The worlds population at an estimated 7 billion people today, is projected to grow to over 10 billion people as early as 2050. This is coupled with massive growth in economic activity lead by the surging economies of China and India and further boosted by economic growth in the rest of the World as well. If the Planet is already struggling to cope with the demands placed upon it by the human race currently, when we also factor in these other considerations, then certainly we are heading for some interesting times. The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature issued a joint report in 2000 that said, 'The World's seas, fresh waters, forests and croplands are being exploited at such a rate that nothing will be left by 2075'. Also food shortages and food price hikes that were experienced by the World in 2008 may be the shape of things to come.