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The Roots and Definition of Rock and Roll

The Birth of Rock ‘n’ roll, created a major impact on many cultures and society.

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At some point, rock bands stop being polite young men in matching suits and become drug-addled, free-loving, infrequent bath-taking hippies, and the music gets more interesting. The hippies realize that taking tons of acid has not actually made their lives quantifiably better and become disillusioned; some of them become lawyers, but some find Christianity to be a more satisfying alternative, establishing a kind of counter-counterculture called the Jesus Movement. These people (also called Jesus Freaks) are still hippies, but with less drugs and sex and more Jesus. More Jesus, in fact, than a lot of churches, who (the Jesus Freaks think) are too focused on rules and rituals and not enough on the joy of the Lord. Converts though they are, these emerging Jesus rockers are not keen on stodgy church music (it's part of the problem), and so they keep playing rock and roll, but—and this is key—they do not go back to the politeness and the matching suits. They keep their beards and torn jeans, and the Jesus Freaks start touring churches with their bands. Other Christians start to realize that (a) these people seem pretty legit, faith-wise, and (b) kids seem to like this kind of music.

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The history of Christian music basically goes like this: rock and roll (which was created possibly by Bill Haley and the Comets, maybe by Elvis, probably by the Beatles) is conceived, born, and begins to mature sometime between 1950 and 1960.

Rock and roll has come to define the roots of teenage rebellion, people who don’t follow the norms, and have disrespect for authority.
This genre will be difficult to write about because the origin of Rock is unclear; there are traces of Rock's style back into the 19th Century.

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The style of rock and roll itself is a melting pot of music, a combination of sounds that include jazz, country, blues, ragtime, gospel, swing, classical, and ethnic music.

Essay on The History of Rock and Roll - Rock music has come a long way since its development in the early 20th century.

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In the 1950’s the majority of music Britain was churning out was mostly made up of carbon copies of American Rock & Roll, give or take the odd original here and there.

Here is the best resource for homework help with MUS 1013 : Rock I: The Historical Origins and Development of Rock Music to 1970 at Minnesota. Find MUS1013

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