Organised Crime and the Criminal Justice Process

Whereas immediately after 9/11 the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested upward of some thousand Muslims suspected as being involved in 9/11 (damn few Israelis and Zionist organizations, save the dancing Israelis celebrating the crash of the Twin Towers were arrested and none charged or kept long in prison) and ‘none’ of those Muslims were prosecuted for being involved in any crime. Now liberal, progressive, alternative news organizations claim white, supremists like Trump are being exceptionally racist because the FBI cannot adequately vet the 100s of thousands of Syrians they (liberal Jews) want to allow to come to this land (on mere trust—when they could be the one’s revealing the fake videos that are scaring goyim people.

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Peter Maas declares organized crime the “biggest business in the country” (Maas).
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Furthermore, if people really knew the true story of how many despots our own U.S. foreign policy has corrupted and assisted in crimes against their own people, they would ‘never’ trust this country’s political class. We already have a long history of assisting tyrants kill their own people around the world—two examples are death squads in Guatemala and SAVAK torture of Iranians (with help from the Israelis who also ‘routinely’ torture Palestinians). If you want another example look at Indonesia. No government should ever be trusted to the point citizens give up their rights to own guns with real fire-power: only the most foolish of people would succumb to such political correctness!

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Hate is a very abstract word that has become a political weapon. Further according to broad and creative definitions implied, the mere act of feeling some kind of animosity toward another person or group or criticizing another group with angry word or allegations (or even one’s one group) is now considered hate. Previously hate was seen mostly as actions took to violate others that were often on the books as crimes. Now Zionists who are seriously worried about the freedom of the Internet are putting out what the call an “Intelligence Report” (yes intelligence spy work against the non-Zionist who were bombed on 9/11 and are becoming aware of it). Who actually funds groups like SPLC and ADL? People in the know are aware that ADL has been a spy organization here in this country for years.

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Encompassing the Mafia as an opponent the 1950’s, organized crime came to the forefront because of the high-profile of political ramifications concerning the wealth of those involved in organized crime started during the prohibition era (A History of Organized Crime, 2008) The menace to individual sanctuary on a personal level , transnational crime stops the cultural development of societies internationally.

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The sudden uproar of organized crime during the 1920's was caused mainly by prohibition that gave rise to many street gangs, all with one man at its helm, which caused a massive increase in police forces....

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Nevertheless if you study the truth of Zionism it has shown itself capable of every human crime and every form of rationalization. We need to see it for what it is—not a religious ethnicity—but rather a secular mob that runs on discrimination, intimidation and deceit. Although 99% of Jews may be highly decent people Zionism as an institution seems to allow some bad apples to rise to the top of the political spectrum. We need to look back on how many Christian Slavs, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans were murdered in the “millions” of figures while the only tune we ever here is about six million Jews gassed to death in gas chambers that did not exist.

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Called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), their plan calls for “systematic efforts” to “share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.” This is spying at the local level up onto the international level for the powers that be—this is exactly what the rhetoric of Edgar Hoover condemned (even if he himself was the great tyrant). Goy men can kiss their souls good bye—Zionist Jews have power in all the important power wielding organizations especially Homeland Security. And as they gain more they create laws condemn the condemnation from others of their tyranny. They spy on all of us. They militarize the police forces. They coordinate more police power with more sophisticated tools. They want to know who owns what guns and who speaks evil of our government. It’s over.