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, Baní, Prov. Peravia. República Dominicana.

English has some apparently contrary proverbs. I willattempt to reconcile some of them.

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Many of us are convinced that people who are opposite from eachother in personality, beliefs, and looks areespecially likely to be attracted to each other (the technical term forthe attraction of opposites is "complementarity"). Indeed, psychologist LynnMcCutcheon (1991) found that 77% of undergraduates agreed that oppositesattract in relationships. On the Internet site "Soulmatch," couples counselor Harville Hendrix states that "It's been myexperience that only opposites attract because that's the nature of reality"(the italics are Hendrix's, not ours, by the way). "The great mythin our culture," he later says, "is that compatibility is the grounds for arelationship—actually, compatibility is grounds for boredom."

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Any type can have a successful romantic relationship with any other type. Any pairing will have difficulties, and type makes it easy to predict problems each pairing will face. We'll be looking at a number of different pairings which can occur along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. A successful romance depends more on non-type-based factors, such as maturity levels, goals, values, culture, religious beliefs and similar issues that it depends on the types of the people in the romance. However, understanding type is generally very beneficial to relationships.

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The one thing I believe in most in life is love; love can truly get me through any obstacle life throws. People said that our relationship would never make it through high school. And when college came, they said we would never make it through that. But it is truly these differences and these personal imperfections that make us perfect for one another.

Opposites Attract Essay. Sean Jones Dr. Porter EH.101.10 18 April 2012 Opposites Attract Chris McCandless and Aron Ralston were dragged into an …

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Scene 1: The camera pans to a small, dingy, and messy bedroom. There,lying on the bed reading a biography of Ronald Reagan, we see amoderately overweight, balding, and rather unkempt man named JoeCantgetadate. Joe is 37 years old, shy, nerdy, and completely lackingin self-confidence. Until recently he worked as a librarian but he's nowout of a job. Joe hasn't dated anyone in more than 3 years and he's feelinghopeless and lonely.

Abril 30, 2017

Enlgish Proverbs, Sayings, Maxims, Adages, and Advisors

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