Wm. Hazlitt - "On The Want Of Money" (1827).

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A William Hazlitt essay, 'On The Want Of Money.'

The first are always in want of money, though theydo not know what they do with it.

and his diction to pound the need for the Want of money

The wantof money loses us friends not worth the keeping, mistresses who are naturally jilts orcoquets; it cuts us out of society, to which dress and equipage are the only introduction;and deprives us of a number of luxuries and advantages of which the only good is, thatthey can only belong to the possessors of a large fortune.

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Thomas Wedgewood, that there is aprinciple of compensation in the human mind which equalizes all situations, and by whichthe absence of anything only gives us a more intense and intimate perception of the reality;that insult adds to pride, that pain looks forward to ease with delight, that hunger alreadyenjoys the unsavoury morsel that is to save it from perishing; that want is surrounded withimaginary riches, like the poor poet in Hogarth, who has a map of the monies of Peruhanging on his garret walls; in short, that "we can hold a fire in our hand by thinking on thefrosty Caucasus" - but this hypothesis, though ingenious and to a certain point true, is tobe admitted only in a limited and qualified sense.There are two classes of people that I have observed who are not so distinct as might beimagined - those who cannot keep their own money in their hands, and those who cannotkeep their hands from other people's.

- ) - and it is only my intention here to bring forward suchinstances of the want of money as are tolerable both in theory and practice.

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Players are sometimes reduced to great extremity, by the seizure of their scenesand dresses, or (what is called) , which hinders them from acting;as authors are prevented from finishing a work, for want of money to buy the booksnecessary to be consulted on some material point or circumstance, in the progress of it.

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In earlier times, before the diffusion ofluxury, of knowledge, and other sources of enjoyment had become common, and acted asa diversion to the cravings of avarice, the passionate admiration, the idolatry, the hungerand thirst of wealth and all its precious symbols, was a kind of madness or hallucination,and Mammon was truly worshipped as a god!It is among the miseries of the want of money, not to be able to pay your reckoning at aninn - or, if you have just enough to do that, to have nothing left for the waiter; - to bestopped at a turnpike gate, and forced to turn back; - not to venture to call a hackney-coach in a shower of rain - (where you have only one shilling left yourself, it is a tohave it taken out of your pocket by a friend, who comes into your house eating peachesin a hot summer's-day, and desiring you to pay for the coach in which he visits you); - notto be able to purchase a lottery-ticket, by which you might make your fortune, and get outof all your difficulties; - or to find a letter lying for you at a country post-office, and not tohave money in your pocket to free it, and be obliged to return for it the next day.

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Spending one’s life trying to gain wealth is no life at all.

The letterso unseasonably withheld may be supposed to contain money, and in this case there isa foretaste, a sort of actual possession taken through the thin folds of the paper and thewax, which in some measure indemnifies us for the delay: the banknote, the post-billseems to smile upon us, and shake hands through its prison bars; - or it may be a love-letter, and then the tantalization is at its height: to be deprived in this manner of the onlyconsolation that can make us amends for the want of money, by this very want - to fancyyou see the name - to try to get a peep at the hand-writing - to touch the seal, and yet notdare to break it open - is provoking indeed - the climax of amorous and gentlemanlydistress.

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You might as well suspect ahighwayman of addicting himself to hard study in the intervals of his profession.There is only one other class of persons I can thing of, in connexion with the subject of thisEssay - those who are always in want of money from the want of spirit to make use of it.

People often say that money does not determine how happy you are but in William Hazlitt’s essay “On the Want of Money”, he tries to prove the world wrong.

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Yet this man had been a lover in his youth, in a humble way, and still begins hisletters to an old maid (his former flame), who sometimes comforts him by listening to hiscomplaints, and treating him to a dish of weak tea, "My Dear Miss Nancy!"Another of the greatest miseries of a want of money, is the tap of a dun at your door, or theprevious silence when you expect it - the uneasy sense of shame at the approach of yourtormentor; the wish to meet, and yet to shun the encounter; the disposition to bully, yet thefear of irritating; the real and the sham excuses; the submission to impertinence; theassurances of a speedy supply; the disingenuousness you practise on him and on yourself;the degradation in the eyes of others and your own.