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The Large Systems Architecture (e-mode) survives to this day in the Unisys Libra/MCP systems. To get information about how these machines work is essentially impossible to do. The book by Organick was an anomaly in its time, and the Unisys philosophy about disclosing, or, worse, advertising architectural choices has not changed since (please prove me wrong.)

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Showing the american government has founded an "advocacy centre", where us companies can get direct first hand information from the nsa, for the purpose of "levelling the playing field" and better positions in "the bidding arena". Spiegel writes by the way, that on their attack on Huawei, NSA was assisted by the trade ministry, by the way:

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Regarding Ada: I dimly recall hearing somewhere that the biggest obstacle to its wider adoption is the lack of libraries (being very technically ignorant, I remain mystified as to how the availability of public libraries affects the adoption of a programming language). Is there any truth to that claim? And would its broader adoption resolve bugs of this nature, or is it more a matter of implementing programming practices and debugging software, irrespective of language, that can prevent and detect such bugs in advance of a release?

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