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Energy efficient low-e glass is able to reflect heat waves as it contains metal layers that block the long wave heat energy from both entering and leaving the conservatory. There are many types of low-e glass technology, soft coat glass technology is able to perform better than hard coat glass technology, therefore it is recommended to install soft coat low-e glass in conservatories in Doncaster.



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Firstly and orangery is constructed using lintels which span the brickwork openings, much like a bungalow, then a few more courses will typically be added above this height. Then timbers are hung in the brickwork and a wooden frame is constructed; this is what the orangery skylight will sit on. The timbers which make up the flat roof are then covered over by using wither felt, fibreglass or rubber roof coverings.

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The construction process for a traditional orangery takes around double the time it takes to build a conservatory; mainly due to the timber work.

The maximum and minimum sizes for uPVC sash windows are as follows:

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Many properties in Doncaster and South Yorkshire have a drop at the rear of the property. This is more common in Sheffield and Rotherham due to the sudden elevation changes; this is not a problem for conservatories in Doncaster.

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Some areas in the North of Doncaster are beneath the water table; in this situation it is recommended to construct the base using tanking solution on both the external and internal sides of the external course of bricks. This ensures that the conservator base is 100 percent water tight.

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If you do not install a path around the conservatory you will most definitely suffer damp problems in future if the earth level is above the conservatory damp course. All of our conservatories in Doncaster are installed with a full damp proof membrane to eliminate the risk of rising damp.

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The bay canopy can either be retained or replaced for a new tiled roof or custom made GRP (fibre glass) canopy. The least expensive option is to install a GRP canopy; these are not only cheaper to install but will require no future attention. Alternatively you may wish to install a new tiled roof which will involve a specialit joiner being on site whe the windows are being installed in order to match the dimensions of the new bay window to the custom made roof. The tiled roof must then be finished internally with a new plastered ceiling.

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GRP composite doors are also highly secure when compared to standard residential doors. Sheffield and South Yorkshire are known for high crime rates, therefore it is advised to install either a composite door or a high security upvc door. Fully reinforced door case frames and Anti-snap cylinder locks are also advised to minimise the risk of forced entry into your property in Sheffield.

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Many gardens have an inspection cover which provides access to drainage or sewerage channels; it is a common misconception that this poses a problem to install a conservatory.