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“Art and Objecthood” reminds us that the past is a foreign country, as the (now) quite obscure British author L.P. Hartley was the first to say. It belongs to an era in which Artforum was full of writing about art, and where the question of whether what was being discussed was worth considering as—or, as Fried’s essay asks, even was—art, was thought to be important. There could be no hint in the essay, or of any thing or of the artists to which it refers, of the anthropological haze moist with sanctimony that has since descended, obscuring and diluting questions having to do with aesthetic judgment while seeking to wash them away altogether.

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When Michael Fried wrote “Art and Objecthood”, there had emerged a new school of Minimalism, and in his mind it endangered everything he valued in art. By his essay, he attempted to stop Minimalism in its tracks. He thought that such art wasn’t concerned with the art work in itself, but with the conditions in which it was beheld by a viewer. In such a sense it was “theatrical”, and theater, with its high attention to audience reaction, conviction and lacked integrity was the enemy of visual arts (Melville 1985, 31-43).

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The house orchestrates a multiplicity of different situations that can swift its character according to each temporary inhabitation. The inhabitation of the house is analogue to the series of its transformations. Different interpretations of the house are translated in different dispersions of mobile objects and elements of its electronic equipment. The scene of the house has been designed in order to present every dispersion of its objecthood. The amphitheater house is proposed as an essay about emptiness and theatricality while it forms a post fordist - vacation space or an immaterial labor villa in the conditions of a post network society.

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