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After the success of this school program, the Bulgarr Ngaru Medical Aboriginal Corporation (BNMAC) fruit and vegetable program was developed. This was due to the recognition that poor nutrition appeared to be a significant problem in other local Aboriginal communities. In these urban communities, a family approach was proposed as it proved impractical to target the small minority of Aboriginal children in local schools.

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The demonstration projects helped to build experience and knowledge to develop potential frameworks and models. In particular, they informed the development of the long term program 'Food-for-All'. Local government is identified as primary partners that are best placed to develop integrated and long lasting food insecurity solutions by linking to other community and government activities, such as housing strategies, community and urban planning, shopping strip revitalisations and relevant policies. Through Food-for-all, eight councils in identified socially disadvantaged areas are funded for three years to help residents to regularly access a variety of nutritious foods. Practical activities have included: a peer education nutrition program for newly arrived refugees; the establishment of community kitchens; an emergency food relief warehouse; food gardens; local enterprises for the sale of good quality produce; free grocery delivery services and community buses to improve food access for vulnerable residents; and municipal mapping of fruit and vegetable outlets.

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While concerns around poor nutrition and associated poor health outcomes are generated through the health sector, it is rarely the case that health professionals in isolation have the power to successfully intervene. The paper has detailed the broad reaching determinants of food security, including all the factors which impact on 'food supply' and 'food access'. It is clear that, while the health sector may initiate action, the engagement of partners drawn from across the food supply system is critical. The formation of partnerships involving local government, welfare and housing sectors, in addition to health and community controlled Indigenous agencies was a key recommendation of a report prepared in 2006 describing 'Urban Indigenous Nutrition Issues in the Greater Brisbane Area' [29].

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Nearly 15 years ago the Australian National Nutrition Survey (1995) included a single question around individual food security: 'In the last 12 months, were there any times that you ran out of food and couldn't afford to buy any more?' [94]. A similar question was again included in the 2004-05 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey which collected information from 10,439 Indigenous Australians from remote and non-remote areas across Australia [18]. While a useful indicator, it is likely to underestimate the degree or nature of food security problems, as the question only addresses one aspect of food security (running out of food as a result of running out of money). It has also not been possible from this limited information to isolate nutrition and food security data for the majority of Indigenous people that live in urbanised environments. There is a need to better understand food insecurity from an Indigenous perspective and to develop Indigenous specific tools for assessment.

'Access to nutritious food makes more of a difference than nutrition education.'

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Food and nutrition are one of the most talked about topics. So it is natural that students are asked to write essays on nutrition. The problem is, nutrition is a broad area and students can get lost in the maze of topics. If you are confused on what type of nutrition topic will impress the professor and get you good grades then here are some samples topics for you.

Food for All. How local government is improving access to nutritious food.

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To improve people's access to food, interventions are required that directly increase people's capacity and resources to obtain and consume nutritious food. For this review, interventions that are designed to improve local food access have been categorised under "Integrated services and referral systems"; improving "Transport to food suppliers"; ensuring homes have adequate "Storage and kitchen facilities" and enhancing "Health education - food, nutrition and life skills". In the longer term, addressing the broader social and economic determinants such as employment, income and education will ensure improvements in food access are sustainable.