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While searching for nursing scholarship information for my daughter who is in get first year of her Bachelors of Nursing program at a major university, I came across this link. Helpful information and links – thanks! But these comments? Most sound totally ignorant and begging for money, many from non US citizens. Seriously? Do the hard work and apply, nobody is going to hand you a free lunch just “because.” If you want to be a nurse, find a way. Work two jobs if necessary and save money and then go to a two year college first paying your own way. Then with good grades, maybe you will get accepted into a nursing program and can apply for scholarships or loans. We need more people willing to work hard – what use to be the American way. Sadly, it’s becoming the gimme crowd of the losers.

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Addressing the Nursing Shortage

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I am a Nigerian and i studied General Nursing here in Nigeria precisely in School of Nursing Eleyele,Ibadan,Oyo State. I graduated last year with a diploma but here in Nigerian,am an RN Holder but i wish to enter for Nursing degree programme in the US on a scholarship basis.I will like to know the processes & requirements involved for an International Student like me, Thanks.

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Im a person who loves being with people, helping the needy with the little that i have or earn, tending to the poor, sick, needy but i do not have any qualifications as a a nurse, thus i need your help to gain good education or better a degree in nursing to be able to accomplish all the above mentioned.
i hope my request will be met positively, may God bless you all

I will describe the term of professional caring and the connection to the nursing practice and discuss the dilemma of care and cure.
Nursing’s Uniqueness to the Health Care Industry Nursing is unique to the healthcare industry because nurses use a holistic approach.

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Most trained nurses end up quiting their jobs due to low job satisfaction and poor pay. They do most of the work yet they are paid lower than other health officers. Most nurses are forced to work extra hours due to the shortage of nurses. They are forced to sacrifice holidays and valuable family time. The average age of the total number of nurses globally is on the rise and this can be attributed to low enrolment of nursing schools and job dissatisfaction. If this trend continues the problem will only get worse and the access to medical services will continue declining as the cost of health care continues to rise.

Nursing is an all-inclusive profession that scrutinizes and functions with individuals, families and the communities.

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Up to $50,000 in loan repayment is available to US citizens or nationals who are trained as certified nurse-midwives, primary care nurse practitioner or psychiatric nurse specialists, as well as other medical and dental fields. Recipients have a two-year service obligation to work full-time at an approved site that has a critical shortage of health professionals. Current employees of approved sites are eligible to apply for this program.

Nursing shortage is a phenomenon that is affecting nurses and the provision of adequate patient care in today’s health care industry

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I am 21, a single mother, and I just lost my job because the business shut down. I am starting my third semester of nursing and I am in a very difficult financial situation. I need help!