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My patient is a 6 year old boy come in the ER with fever Temp = 102 F with O2 Sat = 92%, Respiration = 36 with crackles on both lungs, Pneumonia.

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This essay is going to reflect upon the nursing skills I developed during a period of placement simulations, placing emphasis on oral care, communication with a non-engaging patient and bed bath....

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This will be used as a tool to disseminate the information regarding why it is necessary to provide antibiotic therapy within four hours to pneumonia patients, to the audience, which will be the nurses, doctors, and department directors in the hospital.

Original article: The effectiveness of an evidence-based nursing care program to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia in a Korean ICU.
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Ventilator-associated pneumonia: Clinical significance and implications for nursing Mary Jo Grap, PhD, RN, CCRN, and Cindy L

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