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That same month, NPR launched an investigation of veteran Minnesota Public Radio host Garrison Keillor, creator of A Prairie Home Companion. The liberal icon penned a column defending fellow sexual harassment suspect Sen. Al Franken, (D., Minn.), in late November; the next day, NPR fired him for inappropriate behavior involving at least one female co-worker. Keillor says the only incident he recalls involves inadvertently slipping his hand up the bare back of a “friend.”

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I can’t tell you who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, but I know with absolute certitude that all seven of these men are left-leaning journalists and pundits encrusted in the public broadcasting establishment.

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And last week, PBS suspended weeknight host Tavis Smiley, whose interview show airs in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Southern California, and nationwide — with major corporate underwriting from Walmart. He also hosted a podcast on NPR. Smiley has waged an aggressive campaign defending himself against his employer’s witch hunt “gone too far.”

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If pushover Republicans can’t bring themselves to fully defund NPR and PBS, can’t they at least step up and advocate for hosts and editors who keep their hands to themselves and refrain from insulting the people in flyover country who keep their rackets afloat?

That’s right. Two liberal British female journalists.

What better time, in the wake of liberal hypocrisy and sexual harassment self-implosions, to bring real balance to government-sponsored programming?

Come on, Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Do better, D.C.

This is a golden opportunity for President Donald Trump to drain the elitist media swamps and inject true intellectual diversity in the newsrooms of NPR and PBS.

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In mid-December, Boston-based Tom Ashbrook, host of NPR’s On Point live morning show broadcast on 290 NPR affiliates stations for the past 16 years, was suspended after young women alleged he gave “creepy” sex talks, hugs, and back rubs in the studio. Ashbrook says he was “stunned” to learn of the charges.

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Steve Carmody has been a reporter for Michigan Radio since 2005.

Jennifer is a reporter with Michigan Radio’s State of Opportunity project. She previously covered arts and culture for the station, and worked as a producer for WFUV in the Bronx.

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So far, the moment is being squandered. The replacements announced for Charlie Rose on PBS are BBC correspondent Katty Kay and former CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour.