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Although sociology is different at face value than the natural sciences, the two possess fundamental similarities by which problems are recognized and explained.

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The introduction of your essay when writing in the natural sciences should do the following points:

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Whatever your topic when writing in the natural sciences, make sure you understand the assignment before you start. There are characteristics to take into consideration when writing an essay in this field, which include the amount of technical language you use, how much background information is adequate and the type of evidence needed. The composition of this type of written piece requires meeting these writing standards:

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This field is frequently referred to as “hard science” because of the quantitative methods applied and the heavy use of objective data. A great deal of what defines modern civilization are advances in technology and knowledge gained by investigations in the natural sciences. Statistics and mathematics provide the framework for this field, where quantifiable data and accuracy are essential components.

The conclusion of your essay when writing in the natural sciences should accomplish the following:

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Natural sciences study the physical and natural world and the events that occur in nature using scientific methods, and writing in this field is often used to assess your knowledge. The fields within this area of science include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

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Natural Sciences
Journal Article Review
o Apply research methods to locate a peer reviewed source
o Critically review, synthesize, and organize key points from the article o Use CSE formatting and documentation
An article review provides an opportunity to investigate advancements within an area of a discipline. It should challenge both your research and analytical skills as you report information and evaluate its significance.
This assignment will familiarize you with locating, evaluating, and discussing a scientific article related to your chosen course theme.
First, you will need to locate a peer reviewed journal article in the natural sciences.
Once you review and annotate the source, you will write a detailed summary of your findings in at least two full pages that highlight the main points of the scientific article in a way that allows a non-scientific audience to grasp the concepts.1
However, with CSE style, one should be as objective as possible, and use more formal language. Though you are not required to use discipline-specific language, you are still to maintain formality. This includes using third-person only.
First, read and annotate the source carefully. Take notes, highlight specific passages, and look up key terms that may seem confusing.1
Next, outline the main ideas from the article in the order that you will need to present them in your summary. Note supporting facts and details that are necessary to understanding the main ideas.1
Consider what information is relevant to a non-scientific audience and what information can be discarded.1
Your article review will be placed in CSE format, both in manuscript form and the citation page.
Use the Writing a Journal Article Review handout to help prepare. Consider the articles objectives, theory, concepts, argument, method, evidence, values, contribution, style, and conclusion.2
Remember, CSE rarely uses direct quotes so rely on paraphrase.
o Two full pages Double-spaced
o Times New Roman, 12-point font
o CSE format (including a title page)
o CSE documentation, citation- sequence system

Even though human have proven some natural phenomenons, there are always outliers in science world.

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A list of references is required when writing in the natural sciences. You must give credit to original sources by citing information you use with direct and indirect quotations. The format of this list is determined by assignment instructions and the official style guide you are asked to follow, which is usually MLA or APA formatting.

The main goal of the natural science essay is to utilize problem-solving techniques that report results through analysis and observation.

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Art at first glance does not hold enough weight to be compared because it reaches a smaller number of people giving it less importance than knowledge gained in natural sciences....