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Moral reasoning is “of a natural law kind,” whether in St. Paul or Aquinas—or in Plato, Aristotle, Musonius Rufus, and others untouched by Jewish or Christian thought—not because it tries to read premises or conclusions off biological or sociological facts. It doesn’t. Instead, it considers what are the basic forms of human flourishing: conditions or activities that are good for us in themselves: friendship, knowledge, life and health, and the like. The identification of these of course takes into account biological and other cause-and-effect facts. But it is focused not on those but on the intrinsic goodness of the various elements of human fulfillment. We can then reason to the moral goodness and badness of types of choice and act by considering which choices are consistent with love and respect for ourselves and all others in regard to each of these basic dimensions of fulfillment. A choice consistent with love and respect for all the goods in all persons is morally upright; one that isn’t, is immoral.

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With respect to the key philosophic works of progressivism relating to the natural law tradition, I have drawn the reader’s attention to some of them in this essay, and some of these have been made available as a resource on this website.

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Natural law essay topics
Natural law essay topics

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Expression of Natural Law in politics is inevitable because it inhers in human nature. It also reflects Eternal Law. Timothy Gordon’s thesis is correct on Am pol structure emulating however grudgingly Catholic moral principles explicit in Catholic doctrine. The challenge as Aquinas perceived it is balancing civil or human law with Eternal Law. The imbalance toward Eternal Law is theocracy, which prevailed in New England until the British wisely enacted the Royal Charter and necessity to abide by The Common Law of England. That common law incorporates Catholic moral doctrine, philosophy, precedent, tradition, reasoning, and the recognition of practical statutes within a civil setting. It was adopted by most US states since the Revolution. And is reflective of the three form Govt favored by Aquinas and enacted by the First Congress. Charles Krauthammer believes “politics is everying” (Things that Matter). That premise insofar as the daily life of Man notwithstanding the importance of ideologies and religion is correct. The best form of Govt so well analyzed by the author appears ours. Similarly just law is just only insofar as it is implemented by just men. And that is the role of Catholicism in politics.

Natural law essay topics

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As a practical matter, this call led progressives to advocate both constitutional reform and an aggressive legislative and regulatory agenda. In keeping with the purpose of this web resource, my brief essay has focused on the more philosophic aspects of progressivism, because that is where progressivism’s encounter with the natural law tradition is most direct. On the more concrete side, readers are encouraged to study both the progressives’ critique of the constitutional separation of powers and the alternative solution that they proposed: the separation of politics and administration. By this latter formulation, progressives like Wilson and Goodnow meant that the national political institutions (Congress, the presidency, etc.) ought to be democratized and unified, bringing them into much closer contact with public opinion and facilitating their expression of the general public will. At the same time, since progressives believed that the most contentious political questions had been resolved by historical development (the Civil War had been decisive in this regard), the real work of government was not in politics, but in administration, that is, in figuring out the specific means of achieving what the people generally agreed they all wanted. It is in this way that progressivism became influential not only upon the development of our traditional political institutions, but also on the rise of the federal bureaucracy and the very significant role played by federal agencies in setting and enforcing national policy today.

Natural law essay topics

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Yet, as Mr. Reilly makes plain in his essay, we Americans talk of Locke and the late Whigs as if, with respect to the natural law, they suffered one preclusion less—not more—than the reformers. We must stop.