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Catching an elephant from the wild is a tumultuous process that often involves the deaths of several more in the melee. Less brutally, but rather creepily, it may also entail the complicity of other elephants, who are trained to entice their wild kin into a compromising situation where they can be caught. (Another way of catching elephants, employed less now than it used to be, is to save the babies from a cull and market them. Because of the psychological problems caused by having their entire families slaughtered around them, culling experts now recommend just killing the babies with everybody else.) In transit, captive elephants are subject to extreme discomfort and often die from overheating, freezing, stifling, dehydration, or infection.

Its members include the languages of Hopi and Nahuatl.

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They were inseparable until Jenny died a few years later.

Ingrid Newkirk does not claim that rats and pigs can make machinery or ponder metaphysics, but that they feel emotions, and that taking those into account, we should not degrade or harm animals in the ways that matter to them — not by being denied suffrage, say, but by being bored or scared or separated from their families. Their worth need not be pegged relative to anybody else’s to acknowledge this.

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Williams opens up far more in the world of Narnia than a casual reading of a children’s story might find, and shows why these stories remain an important, surprising, parable-like exploration of a religion-less faith. There are no churches in Narnia, no priests or worship. There is simply following the words and way of Aslan, even if that is a costly and difficult way.

To the elephant, our scrap of consciousnessMay seem as inconsequential as a space-invader blip.

In the 1940s, Oxford University professor C.S

The unusual perspective in the lines above come from changing the viewer's position to that of a creature smaller than a grasshopper. Other poems might place the viewer's perspective in an unusual location (such as peeking out between the toes of a child), or in an impossibly distant local (such as outside the solar system looking down upon the dance of the planets), or in the perspective of an inanimate object, such as the in "The Dream of the Rood." Probably the most famous examples from 18th-century prose would be the Islands of Liliput and Brobdingnag in Swift's Gulliver's Travels, in which Lemuel Gulliver first encounters a race of tiny, belligerent Liliputians and later a titanic race of morally superior beings who treat him as a toy. Swift plays with the size of various objects through Gulliver's interactions to help the reader see them in a new way.

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UNUSUAL PERSPECTIVE: A common poetic technique in 17th-century poetry, later also appearing frequently in 18th-century prose, in which the poet describes or presents a scene from an odd vantage point or from an uncommon point-of-view. The effect of the technique on readers is often . One example of unusual perspective appears in Andrew Marvell's "Upon Appleton House:"

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Though elephants may naturally live to seventy, it is now rare to find a male over forty anywhere in Africa, and even those are rare enough. With their matriarchal society, it’s easy to overlook the influence of the seemingly independent bulls. But Mother Nature needs her father elephants — an epiphany that only comes as a surprise thanks to the stigma of anthropomorphization.

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My heart went out to her. The whole idea of this grandmother of many being alone for the first time in her life was tragic, conjuring up the vision of countless other old and lonely souls. But just as I was about to be consumed by helpless sorrow, something even more extraordinary took place....

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And now to the abyss I pass
Of that unfathomable grass,
Where men like grasshoppers appear,
But grasshoppers are giants there;
They in their squeaking laugh, contemn
Us as we walk more low than them,
And from the precipices tall
Of the green spires to us do call. (369-76)