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Regardless of the collegiate association, no school can simply offer as many scholarships as it would like. The NCAA, NAIA and the NJCAA all set maximum scholarship limits per team and per sport. These limits indicate maximum number of full scholarships that can be offered, though in many cases coaches have the option to divide these into partial scholarships to increase individual student access. Exceptions to this rule include those sports the NCAA considers headcount sports. Men's headcount sports include 1-A NCAA football and basketball, while women's headcount sports include D-I NCAA tennis, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics. Scholarships for headcount sports may not be subdivided and can only be awarded as full scholarships.

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Scholarship programs at NJCAA member colleges are not as strictly regulated as those at either NCAA or NAIA schools. Every participating junior college will have their own programs, and interested students should contact their school’s athletic department and office of financial aid for details on any football scholarships which may be available.

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The organization implements a straightforward scholarship program that designates the total number of scholarships that may be issued within each individual athletic discipline. Baseball, for instance, receives an annual allocation funding 12 full-ride scholarships. Awards can be split and shared, but may not exceed the total assigned quantity. Junior Varsity financial aid does not impact totals, and students sometimes qualify academically – excusing them from the athletic scholarship limits.

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Also, many schools have requirements on the number of scholarship they can use on out-of-state and international athletes.NCAA DI: 305
*NCAA DII: 369
NAIA: 203
NJCAA: 176
Total: 1,284NCAA DI: 333
NAIA: 212
NJCAA: 187
Total: 1,386*NCAA Division 3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer other forms of financial aid.Cross country is an equivalency sport which means all scholarships are not full scholarships, and coaches may divide the total number of scholarships allotted to them between as many athletes as they wish.Track and cross-country share scholarship money which means that they have to divide up the scholarship amounts in both sports between them.NCAA DI: 12.6
NCAA DII: 12.6
NCAA DII: 12.6
NJCAA: 30Most cross-country programs expect runners to compete in track as well.

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Not every basketball player who gets a college scholarship is the best player on their high school team. With five different levels of competition and different academic, athletic and character requirements for each college basketball program finding a scholarship really comes down to finding the right fit.

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Not all basketball scholarships are full rides. The only guaranteed full ride basketball scholarship is for DI basketball. At the DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA levels scholarship percentages can vary.
No program can guarantee your scholarship for four years; all athletic scholarships are one year agreements.

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Top student athletes vying for Division I and access to esteemed excel in three areas: Competitiveness, academics and athletic ability. Some schools provide consistent financial support for student athletes. Texas, UCLA, Florida, Tennessee and other sports-oriented universities administer worthy financial aid programs for athletes. US News offers a detailed list of the schools offering the highest percentages of athletic scholarships.