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Let us analyze this world view. Is it a "good" world view? Let us apply our three-criteria. Is the Eastern/New Age world view true? It will be very hard to give a fully satisfactory answer to this question in a short essay. Put it this way, the cosmology of the Eastern religions, with its endless repeating cycle of creations and destructions, and with its multiple levels of reality is not true. Material evidence for the big bang seems to preclude this cosmology. The second law of thermodynamics does not allow for a cyclical repeat of cosmic history. The eastern mind believes that this universe is not real. Some have tried to tie the twentieth century discovery of quantum mechanics, with its probabilistic view of physical reality and its discovery of the uncertainty principle as evidence that the Buddhist cosmology is valid. The problem is that science definitely assumes that the universe is real. In fact, the scientific materialist believes that the physical universe is the ONLY reality. Unlike the situation between science and Christian theology, there is an inherent and unresolvable conflict between science and Eastern cosmology. The physical world is very real. We will not help solve the problems in this world by pretending that it is not real (and that the problems themselves are therefore not real).

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In this essay’s , I reviewed my journey and touched on Dennis Lee’s, who was my partner during my days of pursuing FE, and that chapter also mentioned amazing explorations. This chapter will dig a little deeper into our experiences. Our odysseys into alternative and free energy all began at about the same time: in 1973-1974, during the , which ended the . Mine started when my first professional mentor invented what was hailed as the , which he invented in about 1968 and began to patent just before the crisis, and it . During that furor, I , spent absorbing its art and culture, and began . Dennis is 12 years older than I am, and as I dreamed of changing the energy industry, he had his in the energy crisis's mayhem. Brian began his alternative energy pursuit around the same time, as he engaged in activism and .

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My adventures after the 1980s were milder, even though I , but I have had too much adventure and I am . As I stepped back periodically, during the quiet times, I reflected on our experiences and what our fellow travelers reported, and my views gradually changed. My initial orientation was , and that I got it the same year as my mystical awakening was likely significant for evolving my current perspective. Three years later, that , and I began developing the businessman’s perspective long before . My years with Dennis were about trying to make those teenage dreams a reality. I soon realized that my misled me about inventors in general. Nearly all , not to help the world. I never met an altruistic inventor. I soon saw many unethical and criminal acts engaged in by Dennis’s “allies.” When I told Dennis how shocking it was to see, .

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Initially, before interacting with other cultures in America my personal values, beliefs and world view were based on my Chinese cultural background, but after interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds, I have acquired a different world view, personal values and beliefs based on the different cultural orientations I experience in my everyday professional and personal experiences.

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In this essay I will be analyzing the most influential world views in modern culture; contrasting these to the Christian world view, explaining why we feel that the Bible offers a view of the world which is superior, both in its consistency with the world as it is and in the way it solves the fundamental human questions. For those who want to dig a little deeper into the topic, let me suggest a good primer on the subject. It is , by James W. Sire (several copies available as I write at Amazon for less than 1$!). For those who want to dig really deep, there is the tome produced by J. P. Moreland and William Lane Craig, . A note of caution, this book is not easy reading and it is not cheap to buy!

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As Adam Smith’s invisible hand, fear, became an of classical economics, neoclassical economists greed in their curves. Greed and fear are thereby foundational principles in today’s economic theory, and as a salubrious and critical aspect of capitalism. How can an ideology that elevates, even celebrates, greed and fear be considered beneficial? The obsession with prices and money has also promoted an egocentric view of economic reality. Whenever people think of economics today, they generally only think in terms of money, as that is the medium of exchange by which individuals currently acquire the food, goods, and services that make their modern lives possible. Consequently, the real economy, which runs on matter and energy, not money, becomes demoted and even ignored while the magic of markets and money are worshipped. The financial economy is not real, but is an elaborate accounting fiction subject to . Theorists such as Marx put money in its proper place, as only accounting. Money-based economics is egocentric, in which the focus is on money and greed and everybody’s primary question is “What is in it for me?” That view is also disconnected from the real world.