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Each hour she stayed alive increased her changes forrecovery. Three ICU nurses tookover where the attending doc had left off, and I watched intently as theyfollowed protocol, inserting a seemingly endless array of medicines into thelines snaking out from her body. Aftera while, we settled into an uneasy silence, me sitting next to my mother’s bed,holding her hand, while the nurses worked to save her life.

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Being a mother is the umbilical cord to my best writing.

These are difficult questions for me to consider. I am proud of being a mother. I love my two children. I love them so much that it hurts to look at them and I am pretty sure they are the best, smartest, scrappiest, funniest boys in the world, and having them changed my life. My life before children was selfish and bland, all feelings and no grit, just a drifting miasma of mood. To go back to living like that seems like hell. I get annoyed when women’s magazines try to edit my motherhood out of my work. I get depressed when they won’t run a piece unless I take out any mention of my having children. I firmly believe that having children has made me smarter and better and more interesting, and fuck you to any women’s mag that doesn’t think so too.

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There have been a series of articles of late that argue that there is an inherent conflict between motherhood and artistic work. There was Lauren Sandler’s piece, The thesis of the piece is in the title, and I read it on my phone as I nursed my second baby, worried that I was doomed, that I had lost my voice to the sea witch, that I would never be a thinking, writing, intellectual being again but would become nothing more than an enlarged mammary gland needing to be periodically drained. Was she right? Was it impossible to balance the demands of an artistic career with the demands of multiple children?

The type of mother who always has time to listen when I need to express my feelings.

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It does not matter how brilliant a writer you are, your children cannot put you first. I could not put my mother first, nor can my boys put me first. Children are a hinge that only bends one way.

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If I didn’t hear that message then, I heard it loud andclear when I received the official letter informing me that the stateconsidered my mother poor. Yes,the classification was necessary to forgive the horrendous medical bills leftover after Medicare, and yes, it killed me nonetheless.

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In addition to expressing their sympathy they all said that they felt they had known my grandmother: "We remember your grandmother from the stories you would tell us of her." That is the nature of memories....

At 8:58 I sent out an e-mail message to friends about my Grandmother's death.

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I am a writer and mother of two (ages 4 and 1), and your essay brought up so much for me. I understand the sheer amount of work to do, the nursing and interrupted sleep, the details and mundanity and constant wiping of tables and floors and faces.

It's hard for me to reflect upon my grandmother's life because I was part of it for a little less than half its span.

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