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Fluke’s products are targeted at the professional crowd, but that doesn’t mean that amateurs shouldn’t be able to get accurate readings, great build quality and ample security measures. With the 115, Fluke has created a compact multimeter in a price range that can appeal to professionals and demanding hobbyists alike. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon, that after months or years of frustration, users end up getting a Fluke and wonder how they kept going with cheaper brands or worse–no-name products that are genuine health hazards.

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Generally clamp-on multimeters need the toroidal type core to be closed to get measurements.

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The complete solution for HVAC troubleshooting, this value-packed kit includes Multimeter and Clamp Meter. Along with all the accessories an HVAC professional needs. All fitting into a compact...

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For making quantitative measurements, a scope is "usually" a bad choice (for example multimeter is more accurate tool to measure DC voltage levels than a scope).

Most modern multimeters are digital and traditional analogue types are destined to become obsolete.

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The multimeters vary in performance, so it is worth to check their performance on this (even some cheap ones can perform accpetably on audio frequencies if a very good absolute accuracy is not needed).

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Another pleasant aspect with the M300 is its exceptionally low price tag. The list price is low – $14.95 – but it is currently selling for almost half: $7.99. On the whole it looks like a very good deal on a pocket-sized digital multimeter for hobbyists and DIY’ers. It is certainly easy to travel with. The user reviews on Amazon are unanimously praising the device, giving it a 5 out of 5 average score for usability and low cost.

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Digital multimeters generally measure resistance by applying a known current to the resistor and measuring the voltage drop over it (directly proportional to the resistance value).

Many cheap multimeters use the frequency to voltage generator approach and are not very accurate (easily few percent measuring error).

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Digital multimeter have typically higher resistance (input impedance typically around 10 megaohms on many ranges on good digital multimeters).When the meter is connected to a circuit to measure voltage, this resistance will affect the circuit and therefore the accuracy of the measurement obtained.

Clamp-on nmultimeters are typically designed to measure currents in range from few amperes to several hundred amperes (some meter go beyond 1000 A).

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The digital multimeter has features that you normally find in a multifunction DMM, including measuring volts, ohms and amps. 0.0024% basic accuracy VDC, 10 A current range and a wide ohms range give you an unbeatable combination of measurement functions.

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This kind of multimeter use techologies which are called (dending on manufacturer) with names like Flexiclamp, multi-core digital clampmeter, duplex clamp and SMF Technology.