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Wow, you did it justice, Amigo. This car and the 1961 Imperial should be parked side by side in every history musem across the country. Both are ultimate symbols of this country when totally unrestrained. It’s an excess of styling and exuberance that I fear and embrace at the same time. (Sorry this comment is a little more esoteric than I normally am.)

Change, or get left behind; some things never change.

The stylists were apparently fed hallucinogens in their vision quest of a new decade.

Absolutely beautiful photography. Kudos!

Belated congrats, Paul. CC is the salt around the Margarita glass of automotive journalism, the Partagas of prose, a true colossus of collectibles. May you enjoy many more years of success.

*lights candles on a cake and blows horns*

Oh boy. Back when I was a kid, a doctor of my parents’ acquaintance had one of these. But it wasn’t extravagant or gaudy enough for him. He made a modification–added a THIRD tailfin in the middle of the trunk lid. I came to understand that this told us all we needed to know about the guy; he was a documented quack who had his privileges revoked by a number of local hospitals.

SIA Article by Michael Lamm: GM’s Far-Out ’59s, When Imagination Ran Rampant

I hope the next year is twice as good as the last!

If further demands of delivery into the “working area” of the sub-par facility continued I would point at the engine and tell them that if they desired to back out of the transaction to simply place the engine upon the truck bed.

This wasn’t a car, it was a statement. Needs backup cameras though

A smile or growl and typically MUCH huskier physical build quelled the excitement as I explained the realities of life in the USA and THEIR need to ease life for the down-trodden delivery MAN of the USA’s used-auto part industry.

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Interestingly, The Iranian (uhhhh we are Persians they would proclaim with a hopeful look you would not despise them due to their origin and past hostility from the USA hostage incident of… 1979? Around that era) customers were among the easiest to deal with; often offering you some of the ever-present food cooking inside their sub-par auto repair facility.

I look forward to profiles of the Kennedy Lincoln and Kopechne Oldsmobile.

They were a profanity spewing bunch!!!!!

Robert S. McNamara, another efficiency-minded minimialist also disdained the extravagant styling trends of the industry. He was the driving force behind the simple, conservative and minimalist styled 1959 Ford Falcon, 1961 Lincoln Continental and the aborted Cardinal. Had McNamara remained president of Ford, it would have been interesting to see how the automotive industry would have evolved into the 1960s and 1970s.

Late 1980s, delivering used auto parts across Oakland, CA to various repair and body shops.

Just another day (evening) in Oakland, California.

Prostrating myself in veneration to this die-cast and chrome altar, I have a changed perspective. From here, they look like an array of glittering rockets. It may not come as a surprise to know that Sputnik had just been launched about the time this grille was being designed. If Kennedy had been riding around in one of these, the Cuban Missile Crisis might have ended up very differently.

That car alone may have prevented the Commie Hordes from starting a war with the USA.

Hip, hip, hooray for the first year. CC’s off to a great start!

Especially with “expensive” and BIG engines we only sold running tested engines though the declared ACTUAL miles were typically more than the declared mileage.