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Implanting microchips that emit a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) intoanimals has been common practice in many countries around the world, withsome looking to make it a legal requirement for domestic pet owners.

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The microchip would be manufactured in Japan early next year but productionwould eventually move to a factory in Malaysia's northern Kedah state belongingto state-owned wafer fabrication firm Silterra, the country's Prime MinisterMahathir Mohamad said in the report.

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"Texas Instruments vicepresident, Pat Haggerty, had the revolutionary notion that he couldput the transistor into every home - by building the transistorradio...Ten years later, Haggerty decided he could put themicrochip into every household as well" quote from THECHIPTODAY, LOOKINGBACKSteve Wozniak quote: "My first transistor radio...I loved what it could do, it brought me music, it opened my world up"Bill Gates quote: "Without the invention of the transistor, I'm quite sure that the PC would not exist as we know it today"PHYSICS TODAY book review ofCRYSTAL FIRE, the history of the transistor: "....the story not onlyof one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century but of thebirth of the information age."FORTUNE magazine quote: "Forperspective, remember that the transistor, arguably the mostimportant invention of the 20th century, came out of Bell Labs in thelate 1940s as a clunky device of wire, gold foil, glue, and othercomponents.

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