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The letters of recommendation and essay must be attached to the application.Additional items to accompany the application in support of the candidate’s eligibility and desirability may include documented evidence of participation in student nurse activities and involvement in the African American community, i.e.

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A 6 page paper that discusses the role of the nurse as a mentor/teacher. The essay explains the different between mentoring and precepting and focuses on aspects of mentoring, including the functions of a good mentor and the fact that expert nurses need to be taught how to mentor. Addressing that topic, there is a brief discussion on adult learning theories. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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A 7 page paper discussing how mentoring and networking can enable nurses to achieve desired career paths. Mentoring and networking are two important aspects of nursing in today�s healthcare environment. Older nurses have opportunity to share practical knowledge with new nurses; new ones can pass on the concepts of theory-based nursing they have just been studying. Nursing has been able to reduce the need to focus on technical ability in its selection processes, allowing it to focus more on personality and �team spirit.� Mentoring and networking develops points of verification of the nurse�s possession of those qualities, thereby enhancing individuals� abilities to achieve the career paths they desire. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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A 4 page paper answering 3 questions addressing nurse mentoring, self-directed learning and the value of the practicum journal that MSN students kept earlier in their course of study. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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A 4 page paper that discusses a charge nurse who works in the burn unit of a military hospital. The essay discusses the functions of the position, the organization's vision and purpose, potential gaps, the special skills of burn unit charge nurses, the strengths that were identified for that charge nurse, how a succession plan would be implemented, mentoring, and the succession plan. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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This 9 page paper consider the role of the mentor in clinical supervision and how it should be conducted. The paper included definitions of supervision and the various purposes of supervising and mentoring as well as the way it needs to be varied depending on student level and development. The writer focuses on using exiting models to determine the role of the staff nurse as a mentor to a student nurse. The bibliography sites 12 sources.

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An 11 page paper discussing the value of mentoring in nursing. Mentoring is a nursing practice that is simultaneously informal and prescribed in the organization supporting it. In those organizations most devoted to improvement in all areas of operation, mentoring can be a valuable tool in improving patient outcome while enhancing efforts to recruit and retain high-quality nursing staff. The experienced nurse provides personal navigation for the new graduate who has studied theory and now is faced with putting it into practice. The mentor explains and demonstrates approaches and rationale, and gives practical meaning to all those theories the new graduate has studied but not yet put into practice. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Student nurse mentoring essay

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Student nursing is time intensive, we work nights and weekends and, when we're not on the wards, we have essays to write and pharmacology and anatomy exams to get ready for. Due to the nature of the course, student nurses rapidly form a close community. We all have a common goal of helping others and caring for those in need.